10 Actresses Who Could Be The Next Doctor Who


Last month, Peter Capaldi announced that he would be leaving the role of The Doctor in British sci-fi institution Doctor Who after the next season, which is coming this April.

As expected, the rumour mill has now gone into overdrive as fans try their best to guess who will nab the coveted part of the Thirteenth Doctor. Now more than ever, though, there’s a major call from a large number of viewers to have a female version of the character this time around.

It would definitely be a timely move. In general, there’s a growing need for more female main characters on film and TV and Doctor Who has a built-in method of rebooting its central character as a woman. In fact, considering that the Doctor’s regenerations are apparently random, it’s getting a bit ridiculous that he just keeps being reborn as a white male on each occasion, don’t you think?

So, which actresses would make a terrific Time Lord? From Oscar winners to TV favourites, here are our picks for 10 lovely ladies who could potentially be the next Doctor Who.