9 Awful Episodes From Awesome TV Shows


Some TV shows can do no wrong and, against all the odds, manage to produce uniformly high quality episodes week after week, season after season. They never ever serve up a dud.

Well, except maybe just once. Yes, even the best series that television has to offer have produced at least one stinker, that single episode that seems like it belongs to another show entirely – so poorly does it treat the usually brilliant characters or tell an oddly weak storyline. Those boring filler episodes that contribute nothing to the overall story arc or, heaven forbid, those finales which totally screw up the landing.

Such installments aren’t necessarily the absolute worst episodes of television ever, but they are some of the most disappointing, as they fall significantly below the high bar set by the rest of their respective series.

So, on that note, join us as we count down 9 of the most awful episodes that featured in awesome TV shows. There will be some spoilers here, but given that most of these shows are now off air, you should be safe to proceed.