10 Characters We Wish The Vampire Diaries Would Have Brought Back

10) Andie Star (Dawn Olivieri)


Most of the human casualties on The Vampire Diaries are of the faceless variety. There are very few that the writers allow fans to get acquainted with, and even less that you spent enough time with to get invested in them as stand-alone characters. Andie Star was one of the latter.

Although Andie was only in a handful of episodes back in season two, and she died promptly in the season three premiere, she served as a pleasant distraction for a love-struck Damon. Not that we prefer her over Elena, but in terms of the female company he tended to keep, she was a step above the rest – excluding his brief interlude with Caroline (Candice Accola), that all the characters seem to have found too painful to remember.

Andie was instrumental in tracking Stefan during his brief, but deadly, return to his Ripper persona under the influence of Klaus (Joseph Morgan), which led directly to her untimely demise. We don’t blame Damon for keeping this one around – smart, funny, and not afraid to say what’s on her mind.