10 Characters We Wish The Vampire Diaries Would Have Brought Back

9) Anna (Malese Jow)


Season one was pretty much dominated by the tomb under Falls Church and everything related to it. About half-way through the season, Damon managed to open the tomb where he thought Katherine (also Dobrev) had been trapped for the past century or so, and through a magical glitch he ended up leaving it open for a group of vampires to waltz out of on their own accord. Anna wasn’t one of those vampires, but her mother was.

Anna lived in Mystic Falls in the 1800s along with the Salvatore brothers and returned around the time that the tomb was opened with designs to free her mother. Her master plan to use Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) as a pawn fell apart around the time she fell for him. Despite her intentions, Anna turned out to be an ideal rebound for Jeremy after Vicki split – or at least that’s what he thought at that point.

Unfortunately, their relationship was short-lived and Anna found herself at the wrong end of a stake at the hands of Jeremy’s uncle in the season one finale. Fans of this veteran vamp had a chance to reunite with her in season three when Jeremy started seeing ghosts, literally, but it just wasn’t the same. With Bonnie out of the picture at the moment, we wouldn’t mind if Jeremy had Anna around to keep him company during this difficult time.