10 Game Of Thrones Characters Who Could Claim The Iron Throne

10) Cersei


It looks unlikely at the moment that Cersei, the current queen, stands much of a chance against the North under Jon Snow, as well as the combined armies of Daenerys, Dorne, House Tyrell and House Greyjoy. Having burned her enemies at the close of season six, Cersei also managed to rid herself of the few allies House Lannister had left. Now, she’s the queen of a heavily divided kingdom, and head of a diminished army. Defeat seems near inevitable.


With that said, Cersei has been up against the odds before and won. She’s outlived three kings, and has emerged with nary a scratch upon her. What’s more, though Daenerys is on her way, and Jon wouldn’t appear to be far behind, will they risk challenging Cersei for the Iron Throne when a much greater threat is already sweeping down from North of the Wall? A threat which may require them to grudgingly team up with the Queen rather than oppose her?