10 Awesome Animated Superhero TV Shows That You Should Check Out


We are currently enjoying a golden age of live-action superhero television right now, with more shows based on both our favourite comic book heroes and lesser known properties being produced than ever before. Arrow, The Flash, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Legends of Tomorrow – the list goes on.

In the past, the home of superheroes on TV was largely confined to animated series – the best of which were made by fans of the characters who knew that these shows were more than just cartoons for kids.

The highpoint of the superhero animated show was surely the 90s, when we had top quality cartoons based on the likes of Batman, Spider-Man and X-Men running concurrently. That said, the last two decades have produced their fair share of crackers, too, spurred on by the growing presence of superheroes on the big screen. For instance, the series based on the Justice League, the Avengers and Teen Titans.

So, on that note, read on for our favorite superhero animated TV shows, and feel free to drop a comment letting us know if we missed any good ones.