7 Horror Shows You Must Watch This Halloween


It’s only been a year since random teenagers last egged your house and no, that’s not because you’ve moved to a nicer part of town. Halloween is upon us again, that one time of the year when wearing slutty clothes isn’t frowned upon and a horror movie binge becomes mandatory.

Hollywood knows this, which is why October is the time when pointless Saw and Paranormal Activity sequels are regurgitated into cinemas year after year. The problem though, is that it’s hard to find a genuinely good scary movie these days amongst all of the trash, let alone an excellent one, so many now turn to TV for their horror fix.

Steadily increasing production values attract huge stars to TV these days, so the quality of these shows is at an all time high. Join us, then, as we count down seven horror shows that are either currently airing, or arriving on television this fall, and don’t blame us if you can’t sleep at night after checking out some of our selections.