10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Legion


10) It’s The Start Of A Wider X-Men TV Universe

As we just said, this is the first TV spinoff of the mega-successful X-Men movie universe. It also marks a landmark collaboration between Fox and Marvel Studios, who produced the show together. Legion isn’t the only X-Men series on the way, but it is the first out the door.

The next one, heading into production soon, is yet to be named, but we do know that it will focus on a mutant family whose lives are upturned when they’re forced to go on the run. Bryan Singer, who’s been involved with the films since the start, is set to helm the first episode and judging by the premise, the series seems like it has the potential to reflect some contemporary real-world problems, in the classic X-Men way.

Don’t expect Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine to show up – or even be mentioned – though, as both of these shows are set in an alternate, if similar, universe to the movies. Thus allowing them to be set in a familiar world to the films but without having to adhere to a strict continuity.

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