10 Things We Want To See In Supergirl Season 3


Supergirl season 2 ended this past week with an exciting, emotional finale. It brought to a close a mixed year for the show, which saw it join The CW’s DC line-up – something that in some ways improved its sophomore run and in others ways, worsened it.

On the one hand, we had Superman, more crossovers with the rest of the Arrowverse TV shows and some fun new additions to the cast. On the other, however, the show arguably became two ambitious for its own good and struggled to keep so many plates spinning.

Still, it’s hard to deny that there was more than enough good in the season to ensure that we’re definitely excited to see where things go next. The finale did a great job of setting up some plot threads for the next run that we’re eager to have explored and explained in further depth.

From new material drawn from the comic books to flaws we wish to be fixed, here are 10 things we want to see in Supergirl‘s third outing. If you have something else you want to happen in season 3 that we failed to mention, make sure to fly over to the comments section and let us know.

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