10 Things You Need To Know About Luke Cage


Sweet Christmas! We’re now just a few days away from the arrival of Marvel’s latest Netflix series, Luke Cage, which will land in its entirety on the streaming service come September 30th and is already receiving excellent reviews.

But how much do we actually know about the eponymous Mr. Cage? Well, we’ve previously met Mike Colter’s man with unbreakable skin in Jessica Jones, where he entered into a tempestuous relationship with Krysten Ritter’s character before moving away from Hell’s Kitchen come the end of the season. In Luke Cage, we’ll find out what happened to him after that and also how he ended up with his special abilities.

But before you watch him in action on Netflix, here’s a quick guide to some facts you need to know about the Hero for Hire – from his dubious origins to the celebrity who stole his name, these 10 things will help you familiarize yourself with the character before this Friday.