8 Things We Want To See In Marvel And Netflix’s Punisher Spinoff

Frank Castle

By now, you’ve no doubt realized for yourselves that The Punisher is arguably the best thing about season two of Daredevil. As a result, those rumours about a solo series starring Jon Bernthal as the vigilante will likely be confirmed any day now, and there are a lot of reasons to be excited about that.

However, while Frank may have made for a great supporting character in Matt Murdock’s series, do those two failed big screen outings prove that he’s still not ready to go at it alone? Well, in the hands of Marvel, you know that his own show would probably work out pretty well, and fans of his comic book exploits will know that there are a lot of very different directions that it could ultimately head in.

So, with all of that in mind, how exactly should Marvel go about crafting a solo series for the anti-hero? Here, you’ll find eight things we hope to see on the show, with a focus on the storylines and moments from the source material which are worthiest of being a part of whatever his future on Netlflix ends up looking like…..