Our 5 Favorite Episodes From Season 1 Of Beauty And The Beast


“Proceed With Caution” (Season 1, Episode 2)


Things were still a little uneasy between Cat and Vincent in this episode of Beauty and the Beast. They have now officially met after his fingerprints showed up at the crime scene, but they haven’t had a ton of bonding time. Although he’s settled the issue of whether or not he was really dead like people thought, there’s still some adjusting taking place.

Cat is slowly learning to trust him and his instincts when the case of a dead ballerina hits the precinct. This is the first time we see them really work together on something, and they make a pretty good team. Even though he’s on the periphery of the investigation, his contributions make all the difference.

The dynamic between Cat and Vincent also presents an interesting twist when Cat asserts herself as a strong woman, as opposed to the damsel-in-distress figure. Although she may be a little too anxious for answers, it’s already apparent that she is developing a connection to Vincent.

Along with watching Cat and Vincent’s relationship develop, we also got the first real taste of her relationships with her partner Tess (Nina Lisandrello), her sister Heather (Nicole Anderson), her boss Joe (Brian White), and the medical examiner, Evan (Max Brown). And, on the flip side, we got to know Vincent’s best friend, J.T. (Austin Basis).

Since the pilot was more of an introduction to the characters and plot, this was the first episode where you really started to care. For that reason alone, it’s one of our favorites.

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