7 Questions We Have After The Walking Dead’s Midseason Premiere


After a two month break, The Walking Dead finally returned to our screens tonight with its midseason premiere, “Rock in the Road.” It’s no secret that many fans were turned away by the excessive miserableness of the first half of the season, resulting in some of the show’s weakest ratings in years. To say that there was a lot riding on the premiere then to give The Walking Dead a sorely-needed boost would be a massive understatement.

Thankfully, the episode was a big step in the right direction; the disparate communities are finally beginning to come together against Negan and there was a more hopeful tone to proceedings in general. There’s still a way to go until Rick and the gang are out of the woods, of course, but things are starting to look up for both them and the show as a whole, which is great to see.

In terms of re-igniting our interest in where The Walking Dead will go for the rest of the season, “Rock in the Road” clearly did a good job, as we’ve come out of it with a bunch of questions we desperately want answered, and here, you’ll find 7 of the most important.