7 Questions We Have After The Walking Dead’s Midseason Premiere

7) Why Is Father Gabriel Leaving?

The episode immediately kicked off with an unexpected twist that raises lots of questions. Following on immediately from where the midseason finale left off, we see Father Gabriel at his lookout post. The surprise happens though when something seems to be troubling him and he abandons his position, robs Alexandria’s pantry and takes off into the night. What the heck, Gabriel?

We later find out that things might not be quite as they seem. Rick has enough faith in the holy man to check his notebook and sees that Gabriel has left an instruction for them to find – the word “boat.” Apparently, he somehow knew about the houseboat that Rick and Aaron raided in the last episode.

All this suggests that Gabriel is in cahoots with the mysterious booted figure who was seen watching Alexandria at the end of the midseason finale. But he hasn’t really sold out or turned against his friends, has he?