5 Characters From The Vampire Diaries That You Wish Hadn’t Been Staked

The Vampire Diaries

If there’s one thing that The Vampire Diaries always delivers on, besides the promise of vampire love triangles, it’s a regular dose of death.

Although occasionally it happens to a human character (and no, being turned into a vampire doesn’t count), most of the time it’s someone of the supernatural persuasion that bites the dust. The writers of The Vampire Diaries have turned what could have been a formulaic teen drama into a game of ‘guess who’s dying this week,’ leaving us speechless season after season.

It would be easy to play it safe and bring in a slew of supporting characters that are up to the task, but the team behind TVD rarely goes that route. The Vampire Diaries specializes in pulling at our heartstrings. The plots compel us to become invested in these characters and then just when we think they are crucial to the story, death becomes them.

Over the past 3 and a half seasons, fans of the series have been dealt some pretty traumatic blows by deaths you would have never seen coming. On that note, we’ve come up with a list of our top five favorite characters that we wish wouldn’t have been staked, or had their hearts ripped out. Check them out below while you wait for The Vampire Diaries to return for its final five episodes of the season, and let us know if there’s anyone you’d add to the list!

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