5 Ways That Marvel And Netflix Can Make Iron Fist A Success

Iron Fist

For a while there it seemed as though the fate of Marvel and Netflix’s slated Iron Fist series was uncertain. Reports and rumors began to trickle out that the two entertainment juggernauts were unsure of what direction to take with their fourth show, and speculation began to point to the series not happening.

But Marvel head honcho Joe Quesada was quickly on-hand to reassure us that everything was on track, and some time after, the announcement of Scott Buck as showrunner put the truth to his words. Now, with the announcement that Game of Thrones star Finn Jones will fill the title role, it seems safe to say that Iron Fist will definitely happen.

So, with the fate of the series confirmed, the question has shifted from “will it happen?” to “will it be good?” To many people, the answer is already “no,” with the casting of Danny Rand as a white guy already condemning the series to problematic mediocrity at best.


But even though the ethnicity of its main character is an important issue, what will ultimately decide the show’s fate is how Marvel and Netflix will pull Iron Fist off. After all, the show could be a dud even with the Asian lead that many people hoped for, and it could still be a solid piece of television with a Caucasian lead. Whether or not the series will be a success ultimately lies in the execution.

Would an Asian lead have helped, and won the show a lot of early supporters? Probably. But with that decision seemingly made, the question remains going forward: what can Marvel and Netflix do to win back supporters?