5 Ways That How I Met Your Mother Can Ruin Season 9

Make Someone Other Than Cristin Milioti The Mother


How I Met Your Mother is famous for deceiving its fans with awesome twists, so it would make sense that there’s some huge twist coming this season, and that’s what I’m afraid of. Almost any twist possibility I can think of involving Ted and the mother is bad. If someone has a good twist there that would actually enhance the season, please enlighten me. Possibly the worst twist they could throw in is that the mother reveal wasn’t real. After we’ve waited so many years to glimpse the mother’s face, after seeing her ankle and her umbrella, the girl we saw at the end of season 8 wasn’t really her.

All the promotion in the time since season 8 ended has revolved around seeing the mother as played by Cristin Milioti. In fact, if you search Cristin Milioti, Google already says, “Cristin Milioti is an American actress known for her role as The Mother in How I Met Your Mother.” So there really wouldn’t be a more epic switch than having Milioti not actually be the mother, and it either be someone from Ted’s past or someone random. While it would be unexpected, I say it would be a twist just for twist’s sake, and it really would feel like the writers and creators lying to their audience. That’s one twist I definitely would not be a fan of.

In fact, I can only think of one thing worse than making some random chick the mother instead of Milioti…