6 TV Villains Who Deserve Their Own Show

Gustavo Fring – Breaking Bad


Breaking Bad is a show that was filled with amazing bad guys, and sometimes I wish more of them were given a time to shine. From the batshit insanity of Tuco to the silent violence of the twins, this series was as memorable for its bad guys as it was for its anti-heroes. So, you would think that trying to pick just one to lead their own show would be tough. Well, it wasn’t, actually.

Everybody who ever brings up Breaking Bad tends to talk about Gus, as he was really the Hannibal of that world. An emotionless killer who was well-spoken and always seemed professional, but was willing to do whatever it takes to ensure his business thrived.

Though we did get glimpses into his backstory during the actual show, Gus was such an intriguing character that viewers were left begging for more of him. I mean, how awesome would it be if he were to get his own spinoff? It could start with a younger version of him and show how he went from sweet to corrupt.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about Better Call Saul, but a Gus series would have been unreal.