6 Unanswered Questions We Have After The Mr. Robot Season 2 Finale


Earlier this week, fans finally got some of the answers they’ve spent the past few months desperately craving in the season two finale of Mr. Robot. The show has really taken a slow burn approach this year, introducing as many new mysteries as those it provides solutions to, and while “eps2.9_pyth0n-pt2.p7z” was satisfying in many ways, it was also extremely frustrating in others.

Now, as the long wait for season 3 begins, a large list of questions that the series is going to need to answer upon its return is beginning to arise – as expected. And while there’s certainly a lot that we’re left to wonder about, what you’ll find here are 6 of the most pressing questions we have.

The episode dropped some massive teasers about what’s to come and set up a pretty drastic new status quo for season 3 now that Mr. Robot’s plan has finally been revealed…well, mostly. Regardless, it’s essential that all of these questions are addressed sooner rather than later.

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