6 Reasons Why The DC TV Universe Is Better Than The Movies Universe

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Regardless of whether prefer Marvel or DC, or fall somewhere in between, it’s fair to say that now is a great time to be a comic book fan. Unfortunately, 2016 has been a little hit and miss when it comes to big screen superhero adaptations, but on the small screen, things are looking better than ever.

In the case of Warner Bros., that’s definitely true. While the studio continues to struggle with their DC Films Universe, the likes of Arrow, Gotham, Legends of TomorrowThe Flash, and Supergirl are so good (albeit in very different ways) that it’s not remotely hard to buy into the widely believed opinion that they’re better than the movies are ever going to be.

In fact, there’s more than enough evidence which points to that being the case, and here, you’ll find the six most significant reasons as to why the DC TV shows have already topped the movies, and why these big screen adaptations simply can’t compete even when they do start to finally get off the ground over the next couple of years.