7 Actors Who Could Play Superman On Supergirl

superman supergirl

Finally, the showrunners of Supergirl have cottoned on to what the fans want and have announced that the Man of Steel himself will feature in the show’s sophomore season. Kara’s cousin Superman is set to make his long overdue debut on the series – which will move to The CW – in the first two episodes of season two.

This is definitely good news for fans – not only because it means we get to see another variation of the character, but also because the explanations of his absence from the show were beginning to seem a little forced. Obviously, keeping him out of season one made sense, to let Kara stand on her own two feet, but it’s now time for the Big Blue Boy Scout to make an appearance.

The big question is, though, who will play him? Superman is probably the most coveted superhero role ever, next to Batman, and no doubt the audition process will be a tough one, as there are so many strong potential candidates. We think these 6 actors though could all be solid choices for the role, and would be happy to see any one of them appear on the show next year.