7 TV Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon

You guys, I’m still really bummed about Enlightened getting cancelled. The more I think about it and rewatch it, the more I think it was one of the best shows produced on television in the past couple of years. But I also understand that this sort of show can only survive so long when next to nobody watches it. Unless someone like Netflix decides to pick it up—and this is 2013 after all, so surely somebody has to step in to keep a show like this from disappearing, right?—it will likely recede into that special little place in the cultural ethos reserved for cancelled TV shows that had their life support plugs pulled regrettably soon.

For some shows there is a kind of life after death. In some cases like with Veronica Mars there is enough of a groundswell of fan support to fund a movie. In others, like Freaks and Geeks, there are only the memories of and later retrospectives about a show that wasn’t appreciated enough because it was so ahead of its time.

You can usually tell a show played well within the industry and artistic community but not so much with the general audience when all its contributors, actors and writers, all go on to do a ton of other things after the unfortunate news of their cancellation.

Here are 7 more relatively recent cancelled TV shows for whom the axe swing hurt.

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  1. renamoretti1says:

    I can hardly believe one more article where the writer fell hook, line and sinker for the Veronica Mars fake Kickstarter campaign.

    Veronica Mars was the lowest-rated show of its time. There is no “groundswell” for it or demand for a movie.

    All there is is the self-aggrandizement of rob Thomas and Kristen Bell and the amazing stupidity of Warner executives not stopping this train wreck.

    1. GwenKillerby .says:

      They made more than enough money on the Kickstarter, you’re living in the past

      1. renamoretti1says:

        How am I “living in the past”? This article once again mentioned the Veronica Mars Kickstater project as if it were real.

        It’s not.

        It wasn’t then and isn’t now.

        It was a PR maneuver dreamed up by Ron Thomas for his self-aggrandizement.

        It something that should be pointed out as long as Rob Thomas will keep getting his fake PR story mentioned positively.

      2. renamoretti1says:

        How am I “living in the past”? This article once again mentioned the Veronica Mars Kickstater project as if it were real.

        It’s not.

        It wasn’t then and isn’t now.

        It was a PR maneuver dreamed up by Ron Thomas for his self-aggrandizement.

        It something that should be pointed out as long as Rob Thomas will keep getting his fake PR story mentioned positively.

      3. Tiffanysays:

        Very confused by these posts. The VM movie is definitely happening. The Kickstarter project raised $5.7 million for the movie (I personally donated). They’ve wrapped filming and premiered footage at Comic-Con. Its happening!

      4. renamoretti1says:

        Sorry you were one of the people fooled into contributing to a project that didn’t need you, except for PR purposes.

        Kickstarter projects generally raise about $20,000-$30,000 if you have actors like those on Veronica Mars.

        The VM Kickstarter supposedly raised millions instantly. It’s just not possible unless you put in that money yourself.

        The press was, of course, fooled (they are fooled by every PR release coming out of the Studios) but that doesn’t make the VM Kickstarter project any more “real”.

        It was a PR maneuver by uber-well-connected people (Rob Thomas is a confirmed flop-maker who keeps working even though very, very few wants to see his shows) with lots of money backing them (probably the studio that will distribute the movie).

        What is really sad is that now many people are waging failing Kickstarter campaigns because they don’t realize the Veronica Mars campaign was fake.

        Very few of them will be discussed in the press unless to make fun of them (after all if a total flop like Veronica Mars can raise millions instantly, your project must really suck for you not to be able to) and lives will certainly be broken.

        I hold what Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell and their people did in utter contempt.

      5. guest9says:

        Stop lying. You haven’t seen the books and have no clue.
        Everyone should ignore this guy. He is just bitter over his own failures and runs around the net spreading lies and trying to take down anything that he feels robbed attention from his own pets.

      6. renamoretti1says:

        Once again, investinve and insults in lieu of argument.

        Anyone with a brain who knows hw Kickstarter works knows you can’t raise that much money before anyone knew about it and be “surprised” while waiting with your PR person for interviews…

        What’s strange is why you feel so mad at being told that Rob Thomas’ Pr isn’t true you’d lower yourself that way…

    2. AerynSun2011says:

      Actually, the Veronica Mars movie is in Post-Production and will be released in 2014. This can be verified on IMDb.com. There is also a link to the Kickstarter page showing the original goal was $2mil, but they collected $5.7mil.

      1. renamoretti1says:

        First: Imdb is no “proof” of anything. Anyone who thinks that is in for many bad surprises.

        The reason the VM Kickstarter was pure fakery is thay already had the money.

        They faked having a lot of fans giving them huge sums of money by hiring a company that organized it for them, and then, before any actual fan even knew about it, the sum was exceeded and Rob Thomas, was entirely “surprised’ but at the ready for interviews in his PR guy’s office because he totally had no idea it would work.

        In reality, Kickstarter campaign with actors of the notoriety of those of Veronica Mars bring in, at best $50,000, but Ron Thomas would not be content with that. He needed to be in the limelight, since he can’t be in the limelight for a hit (he has a perfect record of flops).

        What is sad, is that Hollywood wasted five million bucks ot make yet another bad movie after having wasted tens of million of that horrible flop that was Veronica Mars (lowest rated show on network TV in its time – only because it was oh-so-great of course..!)

      2. guest9says:

        Dude give it a rest already and stop lying, because now you are outright lying and making nonsense up.
        First of all it’s not even true that others with big names only brought in 50k at best, since Spike Lee and Zach Braff brought way the heck more than 50k.
        Second, the other campaigns were not the same. Most of them were far more nebulous, just selling a name while VM was selling something people were already familiar with, they knew what they wee getting. That is a HUGE difference. Second, for many of the others, they had the rights free to make the movies using other channels. VM did not have the rights free.
        Stop being so bitter just because your pet project didn’t make it.

      3. renamoretti1says:

        First, Veronica mars isn’t “special”, except for the unbelievably obstinate self-aggrandizing PR campaigns of Rob Thomas. That, is truly ‘special”.

        As for the numbers I gave. Those are the numbers for real campaigns, from real filmmakers as well known as Rob Thomas or the cast of Veronica Mars.

        what makes you think the Zach Braff campaign was real? He saw the cheap PR Rob Thomas got and decided to copy him. I did lose some respect for him for playing that game, but he was only following the new rules created when the press closed its collective eyes and hyped Rob Thomas and his fake Kickstarter (and Kickstarter also willingly closed its eyes since they got paid and also got a bunch of free PR).

        Don’t know about the Spike Lee one. If it’s more that a few tens of thousands, it’s also likely fake.

        What’s interesting is how desperate you are that I stop telling the truth about Rob Thomas, his epic fails and his giant PR nonsense…

    3. Michelle Kirkwoodsays:

      FYI, Veronica Mars was a pretty good show that deserved more than 2 seasons— I liked it, and it did,in fact, have a decent cult following going for it. Also, the creator of the show was interviewed about the fundraising for it, and he talked about the process in detail. You claim’s it all fake, yet you haven’t even provided any type of link to proof that it’s fake, Until then, I’ll trust IMDB over anything you say, because it seems all you want to do trash everyone you don’t like.

      1. renamoretti1says:

        I have posted extensively as to why it’s obvious to anyone with a
        brain that the Veronica Mars Kickstarter was a fake and only existed for
        PR purposes, so here’s just short highlights: Rob Thomas was so
        “surprised” by the “success” that he was waiting alongside his PR person
        to do interviews for the press before any of the fans had even heard of
        it… Real Kickstarter campaigns for movies, with bigger names than
        Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell raise $30,000 or thereabouts after weeks,
        not millions in days (many people tried right after the fake VM
        Kickstarter story started and failed to raise more than that… Big

        It is obvious to anyone who is not a journalist or a fan (or just amazingly gullible) that this was a PR stunt.

        I do feel bad you were fooled.

        Now to your “proofs”… The guy who perpetrated the falsity (I’ll be nice and not call it worse) said it wasn’t so and it’s “proof” to you?


        You must have an easy time getting off of juries. I envy you!

        And then you tell me you trust Imdb?!!! In that case I have to confess I do own a bridge in Brooklyn and sadly am forced to sell it… Interested..?

        You’re not serious right? The word of the guy fooling you and an internet site are you guarantees of authenticity..? And you expect me to provide a “link” which would show you the VM Kickstarter is fake?

        Just use your brain!! 🙂

      2. guest9says:

        Funny how you never came back to admit you were utterly, completely wrong about all of this. Man up and admit it.

      3. renamoretti1says:

        Why on earth would I “admit” I was “wrong”, when I wasn’t. The Veronica mars Kickstarter PR stunt was just that, a PR stunt.

        Rob Thomas hired a company to fake a bunch of participants and “miraculously” raised millions. Subsequently many gullible people tried to actually raise huge sums and failed (although Zach Braff did a similar stunt – showing he is smart to the PR games if not too ethical sadly – I do blame him less because he’s not the one who blazed a trail with lies and deception – he just followed what was now not only tolerated, but hailed as brilliant in Hollywood).

        Rob Thomas, on the other hand, added desperate liar to incompetent hack to his resume.

        apparently, it’s impressive to Hollywood executives always on the prowl for another flop.

      4. someonesays:

        Oh brother already.

        You are quite wrong about this (as well as a number of other things having nothing at all to do with Veronica Mars or Rob Thomas).

        Although I wasn’t a part of this myself, I’ve been around some of the players when no cameras have been around or anything like that and overheard talk and I saw absolutely zero evidence whatsoever for anything you keep going on about here and quite a bit that seemed rather contrary to everything you keep saying. You’ve never been around any of the players or seen any behind the scenes figures so stop making stuff up wild theories.

      5. renamoretti1says:

        Let me get this right… We’re supposed to take the word of “someone” who claims to have vaguely been present to part of the process that he or she didn’t see anything untowards and ignore the simple logic flowing from the way the con was pulled…

        If I had been behind-the-scene and part of the con, I wouldn’t say anything. I’d say “you’re all crazy – there’s nothing to see here”.

        Seriously, did you think that post had any chance of convincing anyone except the fanboys (who in any case will believe no matter what)?

        Funny. 😉

      6. bfg666says:

        Oh, and we’re supposed to take YOUR word for granted? When all you’ve been doing was relentlessly trolling this board (and from what I gather, countless others)?

        Funny 😉

        Just a thought: why don’t you put all that time and energy to good use, actually making something instead of spewing your negativity around?

      7. renamoretti1says:

        It’s not “negativity.” It’s reality. Just because you so want to buy into the PR line doesn’t mean it’s anything but.

        I don’t tell you to believe me. I wasn’t there and don’t claim to be.

        Just use your brain. Actually pay attention to the absurd story of a young producer so surprised he was able to raise so much money instantly and yet was having his PR people make calls before anyone knew of it and you’ll see there’s no escaping it.

        People (perhaps not you) are desperate to buy into the “power to the people” nonsense of those fake Kickstarter campaigns (“fake” because the money was raised already) that they’ll just ignore how obviously false those stories are.

      8. bfg666says:

        I don’t “want” to buy into anything. I’m just using my brain as you said, doing the math: here you are, a wannabe producer with a very obvious lack of judgment, who unsurprisingly has trouble doing anything significant and keeps on talking ill of other successful (maybe unduly, but this remains to be proven) producers and their shows. So you tell me, what to make of it?

      9. renamoretti1says:

        I’m sorry, but you completely bought into the “it’s possible to raise a movie on Kickstarter” Hollywood PR (started by the sinister mind of Rob Thomas).

        If you know anything about the amounts you can really raise on kickstarter and how long it takes, you’ll know the Veronica Mars kickstarter wasn’t “amazing”, it was literally unbelievable.

        Meaning, you can’t believe it was true, but people so want to believe in the myth that creators can get funded by “their audience” and that it “puts the audience in control” (something fans just LOVE to hear, that they leave their common sense and knowledge at the door.

        That’s understandable for fans. It’s unforgivable for supposed journalists to fall into the PR, and you know what I think about the hypester…

      10. bfg666says:

        No, I don’t buy into anything either way. I’m not in the inner workings of the Hollywood machine and I don’t know the facts on Rob Thomas. The only fact I know is that you appear as a disgruntled wannabe producer, jealous of the success of others, and the more relentless you are at pulling this attitude, the more suspicious you look. So you might want to shift down a gear or two and start backing your claims with solid sources if you want to begin to be taken seriously.

        Also, don’t mistake writers on a gossip site like this for journalists. If they were, it would be known. And they’d have a press card.

      11. renamoretti1says:

        Three things:

        Once again you made a personal attack on me… If anyone should “shift down a gear” I venture to say it’s the person who keeps attacking posters they disagree with.

        Second, you ask for “sources”… How disingenuous is that? Do you really think that there will be a “credible source” telling you that a PR stunt was a PR stunt?!

        Not in this world.

        Once again, I am only using facts known to all and drawing the only possible inferences from them: Rob Thomas made up that Kickstarter story. He already had the money and he used Kickstarter (with their probably actuve approval) to get PR.

        What’s sad is that he got it and many people now believe Kickstarter is a place to fund movies…

        Last, I don’t think there’s any difference in quality between those “gossip site writers” and so-called Hollywood “journalists”. All they do is copy and paste studio press releases ad if they ever check any facts it’s not those coming from well-known Hollywood sources, which they’re deathly afraid will cut them off from the PR release gravy train.

      12. bfg666says:

        1) Personal attack? What personal attack? All I did was state what your own comments make you look like. And again, how dare you accuse me of something that you do on a regular basis? Personal attacks are your schtick. I’ve already told you about the parable of the speck and the log, it might be time that you learned something from it.

        2) So, you’re telling me that the likes of Edward Snowden and Anonymous can reveal governmental cover-ups but the same can’t be done with Hollywood? Yeah, right, that’s believable.

        3) Sadly, a lot of so-called journalists these days allow themselves to sink to gossiper-level or are forced to do so by their hierarchy owned by this or that tycoon. It doesn’t mean real journalists don’t exist anymore.

      13. renamoretti1says:

        1) I never attacked you (unless you’re Rob Thomas – in which case you know how little I think of you!. You made countless personal attacks.

        Rob Thomas is a public figure. If you don’t know the difference, I won’t try to explain it to you.

        2) Yes, that’s believable. The fact you are so reluctant to see reality straight and would rather believe an unbelievable PR stunt is your problem.

        3) Real journalists may still exist, but I don’t know a single one who covers Hollywood.

      14. renamoretti1says:

        About the show, it was THE lowest-rated network show in its last year (and not much higher before…) That it’s supposedly “cult” is industry-speak for “nobody watched it and it flopped but has a few vocal fans on the interwebs”… Yes, that’s what they call the internet. ;))

        You have every right to have liked it. I thought it was one of the worst pieces of bad TV I had to suffer through then (it’s been topped since sadly by every J.J. Abrams production…)

        But do use your brain and recognize when you’ve been spun. 🙂

      15. guest9says:

        Funny how everyone who was ‘spun’ got the movie they wanted and were pretty darn happy with it. I wish more people got ‘spun’. The world might be a better place.

      16. renamoretti1says:

        Who is that “everyone” you’re talking about?

        Spinning the few Veronica Mars was only a consequence of that PR scam. They weren’t the target.

        The press was the target (and through them Hollywood execs who decide what they like by reading magazines).

        That other actors, writers and directors believed it was real and wasted their time trying to emulate this fakery was just collateral damage for Rob Thomas, and that’s why I find him (and the people who helped him pull it off) despicable for what he did to them.

      17. renamoretti1says:

        For some reason, my response got lost, so here’s the main point: Just because Rob Thomas says it’s true doesn’t make it so,.

        He was waiting in his office with his PR person for intervews the day after the Kickstarter started because he was so “stunned” by the “success”… So “surprised” that he had cleared his day to talk to the press…

      18. guest9says:

        Wow that same tired nonsense again. Also you can’t have it both ways, if it was such a miserable little failure with no hope or reason why on earth would you say he had it in the bag and had press ready? You are claiming it’s a joke with no hope and no demand and yet totally in the bag for record breaking early numbers all at the same time.

      19. renamoretti1says:

        I am not having it both ways.

        Veronica Mars was an epic failure as a series.

        We do live in an era where failed shows like Heroes are brought back, so rob Thomas found someone to give him the money.

        He decided that wasn’t good enough and he needed some Big PR by faking a Kickstarter campaign when he already had the money. I’m not sure what is difficult to understand about that process (except why Hollywood now seems to embrace making spinoffs of failures but that’s just the era we live in).

      20. Dart Vadesays:

        it didnt deserve and wanst given one bc of that very fact, that’s how TV works. confused?

    4. guest9says:

      Yeah no groundswell or demand at all and yet it raised money faster than anything else on kickstarter ever has.
      It was not the lowest rated show of its time. And don’t forget that some of the most praised literature, art, music today got what you’d call terrible ratings it was first produced.
      Oh, BTW, WB got a profit out of the VM movie in the end too.
      And pay tell, once explaining how the campaign was fake?
      And seriously, for self-aggrandizement? This isn’t the sort of thing you’d leap into pushing for self-aggrandizement, but for love. You have no clue.

      1. renamoretti1says:

        When you have the money in hand, it’s easy to break speed records.

        Of course, the real question is why anyone would give it to him in the first place…

        As for making money, the movie came and went in general indifference (I didn’t bother to check out the box-office “estimates” since they’re all fake and with no relation with real box-office).

        It WAS dead last of all show in its third season (and barely above that before). The reason? It was a plot-hole-filled, poorly-acted piece of bad TV (critics praised it like they praised every flop with a promotional creator).

        As for self-aggrandizement, it worked, Before the movie came, he was hailed as a trailblazer (and no journalist even question ed the ridiculous story) and he now is making yet another crappy show that will inevitably flop.

        If I have no clue, why are you so mad you feel compelled to repeat the PR line again and again?

      2. bfg666says:

        Sorry to break it to you, girl, but the only one who seems mad here, seeing as how you’re stuck on repeat, is you…

        Jeez! And to think you’re the girl whose Twitter claims “Love each other unconditionally. Peace on Earth & Good WIll to all…” Yeah, sure. Might wanna start to act what you stand for.

      3. renamoretti1says:

        Actually, the only problem you have with me is that I dare call the fake Rob Thomas Kickstarter for what it is “a PR stunt that caused untold damage to people the press with never talk about…

        Oh, and i don’t have a Twitter account. I stand for talking truth about Hollywood (well, at least when I bother to post on fake PR), nothing else. 🙂

        I am not stuck on repeat. It’s just that there’s been so much disinformation by Rob Thomas (a master at that if an incompetent writer and producer) that it bears repeating. 🙂

      4. bfg666says:

        No, the problem I have with you is that you keep on trolling this board. I don’t care about Rob Thomas, I don’t know him and I don’t watch his shows.

        As I had never heard of you before, I googled your name, did a little research and found this: https://twitter.com/Blastoffgurl among empty profiles and links to more insignificant ramblings. It didn’t come as a surprise to see that your whole 7 (wow!) tweets are protected and reserved for your 4 (wow! again) followers. Maybe someone else is using your name, but why the hell would anyone usurp the identity of a nobody? That’s not how the internet works.

        You’re not even making sense. “It bears repeating” but you’re not stuck on repeat while you say absolutely nothing else? You’re the very definition of stuck on repeat!

  2. Where in the world is Firefly on this list?

    1. And Jericho. The only show I’ve even heard of on this list is Arrested Development and I still haven’t seen an episode

      1. Kira NenadVuleticsays:

        jericho did get conclusion in the end thanks to the fans

      2. merwanorsays:

        It may actually return, as it did not truly end, as they made the story continue through comics. I have heard some rumors that Netflix might pick up another season of the show, just rumors, but it would have been awesome.

      3. theWIZsays:

        Jericho has 2 additional seasons as a comic book & it still hasnt been concluded yet

      4. Dart Vadesays:

        and no one cared, well except the 17 of you who watched it

    2. merwanorsays:

      Someone has to be drunk or wasted if they don’t add Firefly to a “shows that where cancelled to soon” list….

      1. guestsays:

        INdeed! But the article said it was about “relatively recent” programs, so they didn’t even go there.

    3. Jonathan Evan Sternsays:

      That is exactly what I was thinking. Also, Freaks and Geeks, Clerks the Animated Series, and Greg the Bunny.

      1. Greg the Bunny for sure!

    4. Dart Vadesays:

      its viewership numbers and its eventual (huge mistake) of a motion picture that bombed worse than pearl harbor is probably why it wasn’t cancelled to soon, it probably was given more time than it apparently ever deserved.

    5. E. Elletsays:

      look for it up your brown tunnel.

  3. That’s odd, Mars isn’t even on this list… it’s almost as if you’re picking a fight on the internet for no reason at all. That’s odd.

    1. renamoretti1says:

      The article mentioned the phony “groundswell of support” for Veronica Mars.

      I just didn’t want that falsity to be left unchallenged.

      Rob Thomas’ fakery (and total lack of creative talent) should not be celebrated but criticized and ostracized.

      Hailing and re-hiring repeated creative and commercial failure like Rob Thomas is part of the reason why the networks are doing so horribly these days.

      1. guest9says:

        And yet his work has been some of the best critically reviewed and people love working for him.
        stop being so bitter and jealous and get over yourself

      2. renamoretti1says:

        See how quickly you came to personal attacks…

        Sad when people do that when they’re out of argument and would rather bully then discuss…

      3. guest9says:

        Says the guy who personally trashes and lies about dozens of people over and over again.

      4. renamoretti1says:

        Where did I “lie” about anyone? Also, Rob Thomas is a public figure, which is very different from what you’re doing, which is trying ot bully with personal attacks (wish I could somehow stop Rob Thomas from ever touching a keyboard or a camera though… 😉 )

      5. bfg666says:

        Oh, because you don’t constantly name Rob Thomas or, say, Joss Whedon in your neverending inflammatory ramblings? You remind me of those thugs who call the cops names because they dare arresting them… Well, if they didn’t do bad things in the first place…

      6. renamoretti1says:

        There you go again, trying to bully…

        Won’t work bfg… 🙂

        You didn’t indicated where I “lied” because I don’t (I am occasionally wrong or even completely wrong but I don’t lie). Why would I? What would be the point?

        Everyone with a brain and a willingness to use it (which is sadly rare in our days) could figure out for themselves how fake the supposed wave of support for the Veronica Mars movie was, since it’s simply absurd for people to have funded something they didn’t yet know about and just as absurd that Rob Thomas would be standing there for interviews with his press agent on the same day he started it, claiming “what a surprise”…

        Talk about willful suspension of disbelief…

      7. bfg666says:

        Oh, so you keep on trolling this board but I’m the bully? Jeez, I had no idea you were this hilarious! You don’t have the right to complain about people getting personal with you since you’re doing just the same over and over again.

        Also, when did I call you a liar? You’re delusional, judgmental and relentlessly aggressive, sure, but I have no means to know if you truly believe every word you say. Which, if it’s the case, makes you even more pathetic, I must say.

  4. krwsays:

    …surprised to learn that “Hung” was an interesting, progressive show. I never watched it because the title turned me off. You name a show “Hung” and wonder why the intended audience didn’t watch, go figure?

    1. renamoretti1says:

      The press think it’s “progressive and interesting” BECAUSE of the title.

      That’s how they think sadly.

    2. bfg666says:

      …And that’s how shows get cancelled. Good job! For a change, try getting turned on/off by the actual CONTENT instead of a TITLE. Ain’t that an incredibly insane idea?

      1. renamoretti1says:

        You seem to think audience have a duty to watch shows that sound unappealing.

        They don’t.

        It’s the filmmaker and the networks’ job to be clear about what a show can promise and to make it appealing, admittedly a talent that is quickly disappearing from Hollywood.

      2. bfg666says:

        No, the audience doesn’t have any duty. Networks, on the other hand, should have the duty to commit to the stories they’ve decided to start telling and to keep on telling them until they’re completed. Cancelling a show because they don’t make enough money out of it proves a total disregard for their audience.

        As for Hung, I’ve never heard of it and don’t even know what it’s about, but it’s a good title in itself and if the network had actually done their job of promoting the show, I would certainly have at least looked into it.

      3. renamoretti1says:

        Surprisingly, we agree on that. I never liked those hybrid “closed story – open story” shows the networks have loved for the past 20 years. They rarely, if ever come out right, when they do, they go bad quickly and then they get canceled without fulfilling the promise of a resolution that makes sense.

        The two things I’d quibble with is about the networks making “enough” money. On many shows, the networks, in spite of forcing an ownership position thanks to their dominant position still lose tons of money.

        Actually, the advantage they gained from the end of Fin-Syn (the ability to participate in syndication revenues and not jut be the first buyer of a show) has become more of a hindrance as the syndication market has shrunk (granted there is a brand new market for cable re-runs but in spite of hilariously false numbers in the press few shows make real money there – just ask the accountants for Lost or Heroes!) and network ratings (and thus revenue) have shrunk.

        I also disagree with the idea that “Hung” is a good title. To me it’s a turn-off title that tells me “here’s another pseudo-edgy show made for pay cable that’s going to try and make itself interesting by being prurient because it can’t hold its own”.

        They did promote the show heavily in L.A. with countless billboard, bus stop and bench ads but they may have decided not to spend too much elsewhere.

      4. bfg666says:

        You’re starting to sound a little less crazy but you’re not even halfway there yet: still no source to back your claims. You’ll have to try harder if you want to convince people. MUCH harder, since probably about no-one will take you seriously now after the trolling stunts you pulled for the past year or so.

        You may not like it but Hung is indeed a good title: a strong, striking monosyllabic word, evocative and easy to remember. Though after reading the wiki page, it seems quite ill-fitted for a show that appears to be some kind of male version of the excellent Secret Diary of a London Call Girl.

      5. renamoretti1says:

        Well, there you went again making yet another personal attack, so you’ll have to pardon me if I don’t take your advice, no matter how well intentioned.

        On “credible sources”, I’ll turn the tables on you: What are the “credible sources” that Rob Thomas’ PR stunt wasn’t completely fake?

        His PR rep?

        His own declarations?

        The articles by “journalists” all to eager to reprint the nonsense without checking it or even thinking about it for five seconds and they’d have figured out the story was not credible.

        Ron Thomas’ incredible story is just that “incredible”. You should not believe it because it beggars simple common sense.

      6. bfg666says:

        AGAIN, what personal attack? And AGAIN, how dare you complain about a non-existing personal attack while you’ve been making very real ones? For the third time, please refer to the parable of the speck and the log. You might also want to keep your paranoia in check because really, there’s no grounds for this kind of complaint. Don’t bother me with this again.

        Also, you’ve got it backwards AGAIN: it’s not mine to disprove your claims but yours to back them with evidence. Don’t forget you’re the accuser here.

      7. renamoretti1says:

        The fact you refuse to own up to the endless name calling and persona attacks doesn’t exonerate you from them.

        And I will ask again, except for press reports re-printing the Rob Thomas fairy tale Kickstarter, what “proof” do you have?

        I am completely entitled to ask, especially since you’re the one who wants proof.

        Rob Thomas’ story is literally unbelievable, so I don’t believe it.

        Do prove to me it’s real and not yet another fake Hollywood PR story…

        I know you can’t, so why pretend the reverse makes any sense?

  5. How about “The Riches” that was on FX?

    1. missd420says:

      Ha I was just getting ready to comment that same thing! I LOVED that show! I bought it from Circuit City when they were going out of business, and I literally watched the entire first season in one sitting, I was that into it. I was devastated when I went to look for the third season and discovered it was cancelled.

      1. Ditto, LOVED that show.

  6. chclttrfflssays:

    The cancellation of Rome (HBO) should have made this list.

  7. Timvsays:

    The Comeback

  8. Timvsays:

    The Comeback

  9. Timvsays:

    The Comeback

  10. Timvsays:

    The Comeback

  11. Timvsays:

    The Comeback

  12. PattyMsays:

    Zero Hour. My SO really loved that show but they cancelled it after just a few episodes.

    And what did they put in its place? Splash. Celebrities jumping off diving boards has to be among the dumbest ideas for a show. I will confess to having never watched it but the times I came across it while channel hopping its just as the network described it.

    The really sad thing is that some shows take a while to gather an audience by word of mouth. X Files did poorly in its first season but later turned quite profitable.

    Firefly is the same thing. How much money has the Star Trek franchise brought in over the years? Billions. Based on the intensity of the fan love for the show it could have become another, equally profitable property.

    1. renamoretti1says:

      X-Files did NOT do poorly in its first season. I’m not sure what made you think that.

      Shows that do poorly and magically become better are extremely few (in part because until recently the networks canceled poorly-performing shows, now they celebrate and renew their failures (ala Cringe/Fringe).

      X-Files did well in its first season and improved thereafter.

    2. Kenneth R DeLeon Jrsays:

      Zero Hour could probably make another go of it now after the huge push that religion got over the past month or so with Phil Roberston.

  13. Guestsays:

    Where the hell is Carnivale?!?!?!?!

  14. John Plunkettsays:


  15. YeisonPRsays:

    Pushing Daisies :'(

    1. missd420says:

      I LOVED that show too!

    2. Kim Filiatrault-Bateausays:

      I loved that show too!!

    3. PD was possibly the most beautifully written show of all times!

  16. I’ve only heard of Arrested Development and that’s becuase of commercials on FOX that made the show look terrible. It wasn’t until I was bored one night and saw it on Netflix, that I started watching it. I loved every minute of it. Bad advertising for the rest of these shows.

    1. renamoretti1says:

      Strangely I had the reverse experience. I watched Arrested Development because of the hype and thought it was super-awful (and played like an extended bad “last week on” segment).

      Arrested Development was highly promoted.

      It failed because it didn’t appeal to the people who tried it.

      It will likely fail again for the same reasons (but don’t worry the press will call it a success reflexively anyway).

      1. tomandyourmomsays:

        What a shock! Jethro has bad taste in television. Yet again showing what a clueless little prick you are!

      2. renamoretti1says:

        Sad to see you still have nothing to contribute except insults and bullying attempts.

      3. tomandyourmomsays:

        Yeah, but you do make it so easy, Jethro.

      4. guest9says:

        Right says the dude who bitterly runs around internet trashing everything and anything. Funny how all these pathetic failed projects, writers, directors, actors, actresses have all produced a 1000x better body of work than you ever have.

        Seriously you have turned into the ultimate little bitter hipster hater of the entire internet.

      5. renamoretti1says:

        There you go again…

        It won’t work though, so just for you here it is:

        Arrested Development was (and is) a poorly-made show. It was very justly avoided by audience when it was on Fox and the hype heaped on it is a symptom of everything that is wrong about Hollywood. 🙂

      6. bfg666says:


      7. guest9says:

        Haha so let me get this: Joss Whedon is a failure who has had produced nothing but pure garbage and Sarah Connor Chronicles, Veronica Mars and Arrested Development are three of the worst TV shows ever. riiiiiiight.

      8. renamoretti1says:

        Look at the ratings and you’ll see I am with the vast majority of people who didn’t like those shows.

        As for Joss Whedon, all his shows have flopped, but he is a very talented self-aggrandizer and knows how to use his big Hollywood connections.

        Too bad he can’t make a good show.

      9. guest9says:

        Yeah well if all his shows have flopped then I guess most people in Hollywood must hope their next production is a flop.

        How can you even say that with a straight face? Buffy and Angel had a ton of seasons, far more than most shows ever get (way beyond way far more when talking about Buffy), and Avengers make like a zillion billion dollars (although, to be honest, I wasn’t blown away by Avengers, I like his TV stuff better, it wasn’t bad though).

      10. renamoretti1says:

        Again, look at the ratings. How shows were renewed because of his connections, not because of their success.

        As for Avengers, since BO numbers are juked up, how would you or I know if it really was a success..?

        Given how poorly AoS did, I’d wager the BO tally was vastly exaggerated (I mean the “estimates fell accidentally way ahead of the mark).

      11. bfg666says:

        AoS did poorly because it had a somewhat bland start and suffered from the constant onslaught of a few loud naysayers. Then it got better and better but the damage was done. Some viewers came back but sadly not enough. Luckily, for once that didn’t stop the producers who will delight us with a second season.

      12. renamoretti1says:

        Don’t know where you got the ratings improvement. The last episode had 70,000 more viewers than the lowest-rated episode.

        The only “delight” will be in watching it go down some more and fulfill my easy prediction of ratings doom…

        But frankly, I’m more upset about the utter waste of good money.

      13. bfg666says:

        Granted, I relied on word-of-mouth regarding the viewers. I’ve just checked the ratings and for once you’re right, they didn’t really improve. My bad. Where I was right, however, was in the improvement in quality, which you can’t deny.

        Somehow, it doesn’t surprise me that a troll revels in demise… It goes with the job.

        And I wouldn’t exactly call satisfying 5.5 million people in the US alone (not mentioning international audiences as well as DVRs, internet streaming and VOD, all of which are excluded from said ratings) a “waste of good money.”

      14. renamoretti1says:

        There you do it again…. Can you really do no better than constant name-calling?

        I do disagree with you about “satisfying” viewers. If the ratings went down, it’s because the viewers weren’t “satisfied”…. As for all those other audiences, it only works if you assume hits don’t have those as well (and in bigger proportions). The argument has never been that only first-run viewers exist, but that it’s the only reliable metric we’ve got (the rest is PR spin).

        So yes, renewing a flop is a waste of good money and the oply think I’ll get from that waste is that I’ll once again be right about a flop flopping more in its second season (like The Following did, like New Girl did, like Mindy Project did, you get my drift).

        I do give you kudos for checking out actual data. As you can see, ABC’s PR was vastly misleading.

        Kudos too for admitting you were wrong. 🙂

      15. bfg666says:

        Jeez, what now? Is it the word “trolling” that upsets you? Well that’s what we call someone who annoys everyone and keeps on doing it despite the many protests, so there. You get the consideration you deserve. As the saying goes, “if it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.” As I said earlier, if you want to scratch the surface of beginning to be taken seriously, you’ll have to bring irrefutable evidence. Keeping on repeating hearsay won’t get you anywhere.

        And again, 5.5 million viewers on US soil alone is far from a waste of money in my book.

      16. renamoretti1says:

        I’ll say it again, going from a disappointing 9 million viewer opening to a floppy 5.5 is very far from satisfying except for Joss Whedon fans who are used to accept his flops are really hits.

        As far as “irrefutable evidence”, I am eagerly awaiting yours, knowing full well it does not exist. But it sounds so “reasonable” of me to ask you for “evidence” doesn’t it?

        All I ever argued is that the fact all of us know mean the whole rob Thomas/Veronica Mars Kickstarter thing was a PR stunt: you don’t have your PR guy making calls to set up interviews when you’re “surprised”… What more “evidence” would you need?

        But I’m sure that won’t prevent you fro continuing to name-call as a half-hearted attempt at bullying those with information you don’t want others to hear (for whatever reason).

  17. where’s Tru Calling?! sure it started out slow but once Jack was brought in it really got good. and season 2 was even better.
    when i got the chance to read the summary/write up ideas for what had been planned that one of the writers for the show posted online i nearly cried at the loss of what could have been a show to rival Buffy.
    Note to fans everywhere, FOX kills any show that isn’t a reality show… stupid FOX. i also remember seeing an ad at the end of Charmed saying that Tru was moving to the WB but i later found out that wasn’t true as FOX wouldn’t let the show change networks.
    and what made it worse was the series finale. what could have been the best episode of the entire series was destroyed once the day rewinds and Harrison forgets what he saw, so he could never tell Tru who the REAL mastermind behind their mother’s death was as well as the true big bad.

    1. GwenKillerby .says:

      Tru Calling kinda sucked, becuase of Eliza

      1. renamoretti1says:

        Well said!!

        Eliza Dushku is a terrible actress.

        So is Sarah Michelle Gellar who sadly is still stealing away big parts that should go to competent actresses and ruining shows (guess who won’t be watching the next Robin WIlliams show because of SMG being in the cast? 😉

      2. bfg666says:

        Sarah Michelle Gellar is a terrible actress. Sure. Watch Cruel Intentions and the Buffy episode The Body (the one where her mum dies) and try saying that again with a straight face. She also was very solid in Ringer, yet another good show cancelled too soon. Considering the extent of your inane ramblings here, you clearly suffer from a lack of judgment. Not a good recipe for a wannabe producer… which is probably why you can’t get to actually do something that people would care for.

      3. renamoretti1says:

        I have sadly seen Cruel Intentions. I will say the director did a great job with the cast from Acting Hades (Gellar and the always awful and bland Ryan Phillipe) by making the film highly stylized so that their lack of acting chops and ability to convey real human emotions almost worked.

        As for Buffy, I’ve seen too many of her grimacing and hilarious fake punches already to want to submit myself to more…

        It’s a show I wanted to like, but alas, at some point you have to have Buffy in the scene…

      4. bfg666says:

        You have it backwards: Cruel Intentions was a poorly directed movie thankfully saved by SMG’s so-called “lack of” acting chops and ability to convey real human emotions.

        Regarding Buffy, what did you watch exactly? Granted, the first two seasons weren’t that good, mainly because of a lack of budget, but it got better from season 3 onwards, culminating in season 5. Also, the show’s main interest never was in the fight scenes or even in the actors, but in the dialogue and in the characters, their relations and their evolution (constants in all of Whedon’s works from Buffy to Avengers).

        And if you define an actor’s quality by his/her ability to throw punches, you’re sorely misguided. Same with equating a highly expressive face to grimacing.

  18. higuidesays:

    the guy in the far right is also ben from parks and rec

  19. Now and again. Great show that got screwed because of Dark Angel. Which was atrocious.

    1. GwenKillerby .says:

      Dark Angel was the basis for the movie Hitman

      1. bfg666says:

        The Hitman videogame was the basis for the Hitman movie. Both the show and the game were aired/released in 2000. Even back then, games were developed in at least one or two years.

    2. renamoretti1says:

      I agree with you. Dark Angel was atrocious on every level. Especially the ridiculously poor “Acting” by Jessica Alba (another case of a potentially interesting show ruined by bad writing and bad acting).

  20. GwenKillerby .says:

    Aside from
    Day Break
    The Unit,
    (the only 3 shows with a black male lead, EVER!)
    You missed: what would have been the bestest show of all time:
    VIRTUALITY!! (2009)!
    Veronica Mars,
    The Sarah Connor Chronicles, (Summer Glau!!!!)
    Also sad: Defying Gravity, Once and Again, Freaks and Geeks, Odyssey 5, and Reunion, Pushing Daisies, Carnivale (although the makers said it was finished

    1. renamoretti1says:

      Just to be argumentative, Summer Glau is a killer of shows.

      The reason? Summer Glau can’t act. At all. Not even a little.

      Enough with bad actors being hired to lead TV shows.

      1. Neurodrill .says:

        To be fair, until Castle Nathan Fillion was also TV series kryptonite, and he’s brilliant.

      2. That’s because he was better than that. Some people like to remember them other places. I cant stand him or David Boreanez in anythng but more Whedon vehicles..otherwise they’re talent is lost, imo. Both awesome but boring and dry in current roles,imo….

      3. Dart Vadesays:

        Now were getting it, everyone on Firefly sucked and havent really done squat since, surviving by working yes, thriving… no!

      4. renamoretti1says:

        Nathan Fillion is doing well, although I don’t understand why as I find him a very boring actor.

        Adam Baldwin was the only good actor on that show.

        I keep hoping Hollywood executives will finally notice that Summer Glau kills shows dead with her lack of acting chops or charisma, but for some reason, she keeps working and nobody sends her to acting school.

        She is a great example of everything that’s wrong with today’s Hollywood.

        As for the “great”Joss Whedon, Hollywood keeps genuflecting in front of his “genius” while every TV project he touches dies flops miserably (and his movies we can’t know since BO figures are jacked up but I’d wager his movies haven’t done so well in the real marketplace either).

      5. Jennifersays:

        Joss Whedon did Buffy the Vampire Slayer which ran 8 seasons, Angel ran 5 seasons and you can’t say that The Avengers was a flop, can you? The problem with Whedon series is Fox. They cancel great shows way too often.

      6. renamoretti1says:

        On the first two, shows on WBN were not renewed because they were hits. WBN started the trend of renewing flops and PR-ing them in the press as supposed hits.

        is, for some reason considered Hollywood royalty.

        As for Avengers, given that we can’t know how well it did (Box-Office “estimates” come directly from studio PR and any relationship with reality is, at best, entirely accidental) I’d have to assume it did as poorly as his shows.

        My problem isn’t that they cancel great shows too often, it’s that they don’t cancel badly made flops (and yes I do consider all Joss Whedon shows that) often enough to make way for better shows.

        Canceling flops is how the networks used to find hits.

        The reason they don’t find hits nowadays is that they try too few new shows (and keep hiring flop-makers like Joss Whedon or Seth MacFarlane).

      7. Buffy was 7 seasons, not 8. 8th played out in comic books.

      8. guest9says:

        What pray tell have you produced? A failed kickstarter with 3 backers and a string of other failed little projects? Exactly.
        Stop bitterly bashing everything and everyone.

      9. renamoretti1says:

        Bullying won’t work on me.

        Rob Thomas is still a flop-maker with a fake Kickstarter.

      10. Briansays:

        I don’t thing he was bullying you. He was just calling an ignorant troll, an ignorant troll. Seemed rather appropriate to me, since you have no idea what you’re yammering about.

      11. renamoretti1says:

        Once more for the road:

        Rob Thomas faked his Kickstarter campaign. He clearly had the money in hand before he started it.

        Incidentally, Veronica mars was a total flop when it ran on WBN and CW.

        See? Bullying still doesn’t work… 🙂

      12. I loved watching her get her butt kicked in Arrow, too! lol

      13. renamoretti1says:

        Disqus ate my response…

        The gist was that Adam Baldwin is a good actor. I never said they ALL were bad, but Summer Glau is so awful it really doesn’t matter who co-stars. She kills every show’s quality dead (notice how little they used of her when she guested in Big Bang Theory – there’s a reason for that!)

      14. guest9says:

        Did you even watch the show? She played the terminator to perfection. Half-human, half-machine.
        More realistic take is that FOX just cancels sci-fi quickly and tends to try to meld the initial episodes (like say with Dollhouse or Firefly) into what they were not supposed to be, the lead seriously doesn’t matter.

      15. renamoretti1says:

        I saw enough to see Summer Glau could not act and killed every scene she was in dead.

        FOX gave two season to SCC… How many more before canceling an obvious flop?

        Dollhouse also stank up FOX’ lineup for two long, ratings-deprived seasons.

        Firefly was the only show that lasted only one long ratings-less season…

        FOX keeps backing losers. That’s their problem!!

      16. guest9says:

        The guy at FOX who cancelled the third season of SCC later said it was one of his bigger mistakes.

        Also flop doesn’t = bad show and success doesn’t = good show. Sometimes yes in both cases, sometimes not.

      17. renamoretti1says:

        Kevin Reilly was awful, and renewing SCC was one of his biggest mistakes (along with greenlighting it!)

      18. Michelle Kirkwoodsays:

        That’s so true—I never understood why either The Unit or The Sarah Connor Chronicles were canceled—they were some good shows—especially the latter, which I really liked, and it kicked ass, as well as being a good follow-up to the movies. Liked Jericho too, and it was good to see it get the ending/send off it deserved before it was gone for good (as demanded by its fans.)

      19. renamoretti1says:

        I can explain, but you’re not going to like it.

        The Unit had so-so ratings throughout its run and was on the edge of cancellation. I’ll guess it lost some of the political support it had at CBS.

        Sarah Connor on the other hand opened well and then dropped like a stone in the ratings. It really shouldn’t have been renewed based on the huge drop but was and then kept dropping some more.

    2. Dart Vadesays:

      damn most of ur taste is awful, no wonder why every show you likes is cancelled, please stay away from great tv shows like true detective bc apparently if you watch it it will be cancelled.

      1. GwenKillerbysays:

        ha ha, I know people who work on that show, so I watch True Detective so religiously that I can spoiler you.

    3. laustcawzsays:

      “Day Break
      The Unit,
      (the only 3 shows with a black male lead, EVER!)”

      Clearly you know NOTHING about TV history!!
      Each of the following shows has had either solely a black male lead,
      or one or more black male leads in an ensemble:

      “I Spy”
      “The Bill Cosby Show”
      “Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids”
      “The Cosby Show”
      “Cosby Mysteries”

      …you’ve heard of this guy, yes? …or maybe you’ve been living
      under a rock for the past half-century.

      …& this is just the most obvious stuff…there’s also…

      “Amos ‘N’ Andy”
      “Room 222”
      “The Mod Squad”
      “Sanford & Son”
      “Good Times”
      “The Jeffersons”
      “Saturday Night Live”
      “St. Elsewhere”
      “The A-Team”
      “Family Matters”
      “In Living Colour”
      “New York Undercover”
      “The Parent Hood”
      “The Wayans Brothers”
      “The Steve Harvey Show”
      “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”
      “The Cleveland Show”

      I might also mention the current versions of
      “Who Wants To be A Millionaire” & “Family Feud”.
      I’m sure I could go on & on, but I don’t really need to, do I?
      Besides, black people have a whole network for themselves,
      don’t they (BET)?

  21. floyd furgusonsays:

    blue mountain state should be here!

  22. steven815says:

    Sports Night
    Dead Like Me
    Veronica Mars
    Crime Story

  23. freaks n geeks

  24. deadwood

    1. tamarrasays:

      absolutely totally agree!

  25. the good guys

    1. ConservaDave2says:

      Saw one boring episode then watched it a few episodes later. Funniest thing on TV in a long time, it seemed to be finding itself and it was gone….

  26. n while married with children was on for years fox never gave it a final episode

  27. the dana carvey show

  28. stella

  29. dog bites man

  30. the state

  31. human giant

  32. human giant

  33. Stephen Palomosays:

    what about kyle xy oneof the greatest shows ever

    1. merwanorsays:

      Not only did they cancel that show, they ended it on one of the biggest cliffhangers in the series!

    2. TruthTellersays:

      Definitely agree on KYLEXY. I was going to add it if I hadn’t just seen your comment on it. It STILL pisses me and several friends off that they just dumped that show, especially the way that they did when the story was Really starting to come together. And what did they replace it with, a show about teen girls getting pregnant.. great job ABC “Family”.

      The show had a strong family as the main part of it’s appeal, on a family channel, and they drop it for teen girls getting prego.. I heard that they producer basically jumped ship once the ratings were lower, but still appreciable, because she wanted to do the Vampire Diaries instead.

      They don’t give shows like KYLE enough of a chance. Even BUFFY was almost cancelled after the third season, but they gave it a Chance and it rebounded to end up a massive high after 7 seasons.

      Kyle had HUGE potential and it was so interesting to see how his powers were developing, the way the Tragers stuck by him no matter what and it had enough relationship elements to even keep some of the girls interested too.

      It’s just criminal how it ended. This is all fresh to me as I just finished watching the entire 3 seasons again on Netflix and it kills me as it was just awesome, and it was one of those shows that you could actually learn things from too.

      Also miffed about Sarah Connor Chronicles too.. but not as much as over Kyle.

      1. Ditto. Wasn’t my favorite, but it was starting to come together & was different. Now every blank show is about bloody (no pun) VAMPIRES!

    3. Dart Vadesays:

      anyone that lists something on ABC family loses all credibility.

  34. WaySeekersays:

    VR_5, Legend of the Seeker, Dark Skies, The Others, Awake, The Secret Circle, Firefly. Never heard of your choices except for Arrested Development which I never saw.

    1. missd420says:

      Secret circle! I got back into that show last year after watching the premiere and then kind of not watching TV for a long time, and was so disappointed when it was cancelled.

      1. TruthTellersays:

        Some very hot babes in Secret Circle for sure!

    2. renamoretti1says:

      I am forced to agree with you on VR5. Great show that probably aged considerably, but it was ahead of its time IMO.

    3. bfg666says:

      Hahahaha, Legend of the Seeker, seriously?! It was ridiculous, ultra-generic heroic fantasy at its worst with crappy SFX and a complete lack of imagination.

  35. uhhhhhsays:

    why do you start these lists with your first pick? pretty dumb.

  36. missd420says:

    I actually really liked Lie To Me and Sons of Tuscon, but they both got cancelled 🙁 Lie to me was one of my favourite shows for a long time. As well as The Riches and Secret Circle.

  37. Mrjordansays:

    I knew that it would put hung bored to death and how to make it in America on the list three great hbo shows cancelled at the same time and all ending with cliffhangers

  38. Christ Curt Hrastichsays:

    Black Donnellys. :'(

  39. Chris Jamessays:

    Breakout Kings

  40. Mark Klumsays:

    Where is LEVERAGE!!! OR ALIAS!!! both of those shows had at least 2 more good seasons left in them o and HOW IN THE WORLD COULD YOU HAVE LEFT OUT HEROES!!!!!!!

  41. Marsha Mitchell-Taylorsays:

    The Unit, Las Vegas, Terra Nova and of course Dead Like Me, and for all you Soap Lovers out there Guiding Light

  42. Willsays:

    Clone High, a cartoon created by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The directors of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street) was a wonderfully twisted and hilarious show. It was cancelled in the US before it fully aired, and the last episode made was a huge cliffhanger!

    The premise was great: The teenage clone of honest Abe must survive life at a government run high school filled with other historical clones, like the spastic Gandhi or goth Joan of Arc. And the principal, Cinnamon J. Scudsworth, was frickin’ hysterical.
    The show isn’t available on DVD in the US either, I had to go to the Canadian Amazon website to buy it. I wish this show had the chance to finish what it started, but at least the talent involved was able to shine elsewhere.

  43. vadersays:

    you forgot firefly

  44. John Taylorsays:

    And these ended too soon, because …?

  45. Fox Muldersays:

    No Lone Gunmen. Your Loss

  46. Ingasays:

    I cannot believe you left our Firefly. Your credibility is now shattered.

    1. Dave Ruthsays:

      You can’t stop the signal…oh wait…maybe you can

    2. Dart Vadesays:

      no the motion picture and TV ratings left us all shattered it didnt deserve any of its love hence why not on the list as it got a bomb of a movie to follow up and to reassure us no one liked it

      1. imjustmesays:

        I am pretty sure you jerk it while writing these comments, don’t you big boy?

      2. renamoretti1says:

        Why be gross just because you disagree..? 🙁

      3. Matt Hardwicksays:

        You couldn’t be more wrong!

      4. No one? Hmmm that must mean you spoke to everyone!

  47. itbvictorysays:

    they left off some really good ones. I haven’t heard of any of these shows, and probably for a good reason. There are much better choices!

  48. strummersays:


  49. Joesays:

    Great to see Bored to Death and Party Down get some love. I’d also have liked to see Terriers on here. It was the smartest, funniest, and most heartfelt detective noir show I’ve ever seen — 13 episodes were not enough!

  50. JustSayingsays:

    First time commenting, (be nice)…… I absolutely LOVED Welcome to the Family is was sought of Switched at Birth with a twist or a cleaner Shamless…. I think the advertising of the show did not truly represent how funny and current the picture was….. #sad2seeitsover

  51. diane cohensays:

    NO, you are wrong, the REPLICATIONS are crushing the middle class.
    they are for them shelves. they don’t work at all. the don’t like to discuss the
    problems whats going on. People are sick and tired of REPLICATIONS. and
    election coming up. People will be smart and don’t vote the REPLICATIONS.
    they don’t care at all. They just get paid for nothing. they don’t do there jobs.
    they just complaints about President Ombama that it.

    1. Justin A.says:

      Best comment ever! Give it to those REPLICATIONS, they are in for them shelves!

    2. ConservaDave2says:

      diane cohen or diane incoherent?

  52. Russsays:

    Man, how could you leave out Deadwood??? Totally left us hanging with none of the issues resolved

  53. Chris Humphriessays:

    Why would you make this list without intending to put Firefly in it?

  54. bobsays:

    happy endings?

  55. Jarblokosays:

    Napoleon Dynamite…
    on Animated TV shows.

  56. APrince66says:

    Better Off Ted
    My Name is Earl
    Alien Nation
    Sarah Conner Chronicles…

    1. Cynicassays:

      More than any of those, i want Firefly and Outsourced back. 🙁

      1. Dart Vadesays:

        but as been proven no one besides you and ur 11 friends watched firefly and then the movie??? dear god you couldnt do any worse and fail more miserably if you tried to do it in purpose!!

      2. imjustmesays:

        11 people watching Firefly? Ha ha, what a little jokster you are.

  57. danielle8508says:

    What about The Gates and Moonlight and Bloodties!?

  58. js4stringssays:

    I’m with the others, how can you leave off the best of the one year shows, Firefly absolutely rocks!!!

    I also liked Alcatraz, which was cut way too short.

    1. I loved Alcatraz , too! 🙁

  59. Robert Myricksays:

    where on this list is Stargate Universe, Birds of prey, Alphas, Wonder Woman, and Firefly??????? your pics belong in the trash can, I have seen at least 1 episode of all the shows u listed and they were just awful

    1. Dope Creaturesays:

      I agree with you on “Stargate Universe” & “Alphas”, these programs were pretty decent…I don’t know who make these cancellation calls, man I just don’t get it.

  60. Brian Nebekersays:

    I really love Dead Like Me but i could see how it did not appeal to everyone. Carnivale is another I really liked but you had to see every episode from the beginning to understand it. The first episode I saw was in the second session and it left me confused and not interested. Later I saw the first season and as I watched more episodes it started making sense. But it seem like you never could count on when you might be able to ketch it on or not be a repeat you had already seen. It was also rather dark and many people has too short of an attention span to stay with it. But that is something you could probably say for ROME as well.

    1. Skyhawksays:

      Rome was amazing.

  61. Gary Zsays:

    What about Carnivalle or Caprica???

  62. J. Philip vanHeijkoopsays:

    twin peaks!

  63. maestralasays:

    Reaching back – Sports Night was sacrificed too soon on the altar of “The West Wing.” At least we got to see some of the same actors reappear in the Josiah Barton administration, but damn, I wanted to see what was about to happen between Flicka Huffman and Clark Gregson. And then there’s Leverage. WTF??

  64. maestralasays:

    Reaching back – Sports Night was sacrificed too soon on the altar of
    “The West Wing.” At least we got to see some of the same actors
    reappear in the Josiah Bartlett administration, but damn, I wanted to see
    what was about to happen between Flicka Huffman and Clark Gregson. And
    then there’s Leverage. WTF??

  65. fortune27says:

    ‘Boss’! Still upset about its cancellation 🙁

  66. mattsays:

    Firefly, Pushing Daisies, Jericho

  67. Fantomasxiisays:

    ….Twin Peaks?

  68. Nicolesays:

    What about The Philanthropist?? I loved that show. Or Pushing Daisies? Eli Stone?? All great shows…cancelled way too soon!!!

    1. renamoretti1says:

      You say “great show” and I said “good riddance”. Didn’t like any of those shows and the viewing public did share my view on those.

      Pushing Daisies in particular was a huge letdown after I expected so much from its creator.

  69. Lorrahl121281says:

    My name is Earl and Legend of the Seeker.

    1. bfg666says:

      Legend of the Seeker was very generic (as in utterly unoriginal), poorly acted and suffered from crappy FX. I endured the whole first season and I’m still scratching my head as to why some people found it any good at all.

  70. FtForgersays:

    I’ve heard of 2 of these and never actually seen any of them. I suspect poor marketing on the part of their networks.

  71. Kenneth R DeLeon Jrsays:

    FireFly and Terra Nova should be at the top of this list. and The Finder should make it on the list also.

  72. Wiredwizardsays:

    =snorts= 4 out of the 7 I never heard of, 1 I likes, 1 I loathed & 1 I couldn’t have cared less about.

    My list:

    Freaks & Geeks
    Last Resort
    Space: Above & Beyond
    Stargate Universe

    1. Skyhawksays:

      Firefly is obvious. Awesome show. But I had forgotten about Space: Above and Beyond. It had real potential.

  73. Hardknockssays:

    The “Freedom” series showed promise but was cancelled after the election of Bush 43. Seems it was too much like the political events that followed. Would have revealed the true nature of America’s impending political and financial global demise into it’s present third world reality.

  74. Without Deadwood such a list is meritless

    1. Skyhawksays:

      One of the best collections of talent Ive ever seen in a series.

      1. -both in front and behind the camera.

        The scripts were up there with the movie Sexy Beast – the way Shakespeare might’ve written if he were alive today, turning the language of the street into poetry.

        The dialogue is unparalleled on TV and only Breaking Bad could write better characters.

      2. Skyhawksays:

        At least we have Timothy Oliphant in Justified.

      3. His Justified character is a 100% reincarnation of Deadwood’s Seth.

        When it picks up on this, questioning his dubious motivations for acts of violence, it’s as though Seth has been transported through time to the age of psychoanalysis.

        Just a shame there’s not a reincarnation of Swearengen in Justified.

        It’s writing isn’t the same league as Deadwood, but not much is. At least Justified knows that next season is it’s last and can (hopefully) go out with a bang, unlike the the cruel way HBO robbed the fans of a Deadwood finale (twats).

        I’m still afraid to commit to an HBO show after that experience.

      4. GwenKillerbysays:

        The Wire is better than Breaking Bad

      5. I personally prefer Breaking Bad, but i agree The Wire was amazing and i’ve no problem with people preferring it 🙂

  75. Theo Longsays:

    Terminator: the Sarah Connor chronicles, the nine lives of Chloe king, dollhouse.

    1. GwenKillerbysays:

      chloe king was actually a pretty bland, run of the mill type of show.

  76. B Kimblesays:

    DETROIT 1-8-7, Memphis Beat, US version of Life on Mars, The Gates, NYPD BLUE (We needed to see Sippowitcz (sp) IN CHARGE for at least ONE episode!!)

  77. vincentsays:

    when u said recent shows cancelled, i thought it was from a couple of years ago. but you have arrested development, but no Firefly…tsk tsk

  78. nimblevagrantsays:


    1. Skyhawksays:

      Another excellent show this myopic blogger missed.

  79. cage1says:

    Alcatraz was better then half the shows listed above. I haven’t heard of a few of them but the ones I did were not as good

  80. JZSquaredsays:

    I haven’t even heard of most of these. Maybe they just had poor marketing.

    1. renamoretti1says:

      They were awful. Veronica Mars was one of the most promoted shows of its time and failed in the ratings (lowest-rated show on network TV in its last season) because it was poorly-written, produced and acted.

      It doesn’t help Rob Thomas lied to the world about his faked Kickstarter campaign and caused untold damage to so many people who wasted their time trying to replicate in real life his marketing stunt (and shame on journalists for not realizing that when you wait with your PR guy the day after a Kickstarter campaign starts, you’re not for real).

      1. guest9says:

        Wow so you thought TSCCC and VM were awful? I guess that says it all.
        And VM was not one of the most promoted TV shows of its time! Gimme a break. It was on WB/CW for starters and by that alone you are already proven wrong. I mean seriously, when the kickstarter for it came out, how many people on the street had a clue what it was based on? Nobody had ever even heard of the show. Also, the promotion they did for it on CW/WB made it seem like something for tween girls, so the few people I know who had seen the promotion for it were scared off before watching even a single episode.
        Haha, fake kickstarter??? You do realize that they actually did release a movie don’t you? It’s not like he is sipping corona on some tropical island with a pile of kickstarter money at his feet!
        Untold damage?? Haha, man what are you? One of the ones who thought you could just get millions of people to toss you money for a poor idea and are now bitter and unhinged because you got like 3 backers?
        And if you think having PR ready to track your campaing means it is fake, it’s no wonder your own campaigns and attempts at business fail. You clearly have zero business sense. How about learning how to go about things instead of bitterly blasting and trashing things that work out? Just a thought. I mean I see you posting and trashing things on practically every site on the internet I end up looking at.

      2. renamoretti1says:

        Most people thought Veronica mars and Sarah Connor Chronicles were awful. That’s why they were both huge flops.

        As for the Veronica mars kickstarter, it continues to cause dmage to people who bought the PR and are wasting time trying to raise a lot of money while not understanding rob Thomas already had the money and thought it was great PR (it was if you don’t mid the lie and collateral damage – but I doubt he cared – he was too concerned with getting another bad TV show ordered – sadly it worked and more many will be wasted on this sad excuse for a TV creator).

  81. Ronald Wade Coopersays:

    Idiots forgot Firefly…..I’ll be in my bunk.

    1. Skyhawksays:

      That show got better and better each episode. Great cast too.

  82. Aroreielsays:

    The Unusuals wasn’t given a chance either.

  83. General Peppersays:

    Don’t forget Men of a Certain Age! Fantastic show.

  84. JoJo2.0says:

    Sports Night, Sports Night, Sports Night!

  85. S Sandsays:

    Never heard of any of these. Must not have had much of a fan base

    1. renamoretti1says:

      Well said. 🙂 Those shows were mostly awful (like Veronica Mars) and ratings failures (like Veronica Mars).

      That Hollywood wants to keep working hard to pass of its failures as successes demonstrates the extent to which it values PR over real achievement.

      The public isn’t fooled.

  86. omgnowaysays:

    Glad Hung is here, loved that show. Also, I don’t think Tell me you love me was cancelled, I remember reading the writers just didn’t know what else to do and wanted to quit.

    1. renamoretti1says:

      Great cover for a show without viewers…

      Hollywood is obsessed to deny it ever strikes out when it can’t produce hits…

  87. bose_suckssays:

    Firefly, Life etc. Loser

  88. Skyhawksays:

    Arrested Development was/is a pretty funny show. The rest of this list is crap. How about Firefly?

  89. boydboysays:

    How To Make It In America was awful. It was worse than Entourage. Entourage was good as a one or two season mini-series, but after a handful of episodes it became the same dumb story over and over again and full of characters who were a bore to watch and just unlikeable. How To Make It In America just doubled down on the unlikeable aspect and sounded like it was written by halfway retarded 15 year olds.

    1. renamoretti1says:

      There’s a reason Entourage had bad ratings.

      But in today’s Hollywood, a good PR Department trumps actual viewers and we’re getting an Entourage movie made for the people who didn’t care about the show…

      How ridiculous Hollywood has become. 🙁

  90. Michael Csays:

    American Gothic

  91. sez79says:

    anyone put Threshold???

  92. ConservaDave2says:

    You only considered Cable here…what about “Pushing Daisies,” with it’s gimmick to reintroduce a chaste love affair to the small screen or “Gary Unmarried,” and his loving but difficult relationship with his ex-wife. And then there was the original “Star Trek.”

    1. TheSpasticAvenger .says:

      Eli Stone was from that same Pushing Daisies period it was great as well.

  93. Walder Freysays:

    This? Seriously? Where is “Boss”? Where is “The Borgias”? And this is the only one “cancelled shows list” without “Firefly” (I’m not a fan of it, just surprised, every list have it show)

    And I’m sad that “Birds of Prey” and “Blade: The series” were cancelled after only 1 seson, them deserve second chanse for grow and continue.

    1. GwenKillerbysays:

      birds of prey? really? which one?

  94. jasbeaglesays:

    Hung, the lake scenes with the log home was right next door to my house and I’ll never forget watching how they set these scenes up. They paid us a lot too for use of our yard, dock and driveway.

  95. theWIZsays:

    I rarely ever comment & I never tell someone they are absolutely wrong but whomever compiled this list is an idiot. FIREFLY IS NUMBER 1 EVERY TIME

  96. theWIZsays:

    It took me all of 5 minutes to compile a much better list…

    1. Firefly
    2. Freaks & Geeks
    3. Carnivale
    4. Arrested Development
    5. Rome
    6. The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
    7. Jericho
    8. My Name is Earl
    9. Dark Angel
    10. Millennium
    11. Dollhouse
    12. Oz
    13. Greg the Bunny
    14. Space Above & Beyond

    1. GwenKillerbysays:

      the actors of SA#B hardly act anymore.

  97. Shawn Spencersays:

    where the hell is ALCATRAZ on this list

  98. Sam Yeagersays:

    Firefly barely got one season, some of those shows have 3 or 4. Fix that list.

  99. Joseph Gilbert Thompsonsays:

    Guess tv could handle a show a guy with big dick,when they shows about guys are big dicks-like two of the shows listed here-not on the list

  100. TheSpasticAvenger .says:

    FlashForward, Terra Nova, CULT! I could go on and on, I didn’t watch anything on your list, not my type of shows.

    1. GwenKillerbysays:

      FF and TN, good shows

  101. GwenKillerbysays:

    Firefly is mentioned sooooooo much, at this point it’s fans resemble Ron Paul bots:
    HUGE internet presence, but pretty impotent when it comes down to it.
    In the case of Firefly, that’s sad.

  102. Regina M. Garciasays:

    Never even heard of most of them. Californication is along the same lines as Hung so it must be the show and/or actor. I haven’t finished watching Rubicon because it is so damned hard to get into. I still don’t know what they do.

  103. tamarrasays:

    how about Lie To Me?

  104. 1. Firefly
    2. Point Pleasant
    3. Arrested Development
    4. Carnivale
    5. Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles
    6. Jericho
    7. The 4400

  105. Dajuana Carsonsays:


  106. Eastwick, 666 Park Avenue, Pushing Daisies, Dollhouse, Firefly… When is comes to killing excellent television programs Fox and ABC seem to be competing to see who can do the most damage.

  107. Gene Parmesansays:

    This commenting section, jesus. The article offers a personal list of “7 more relatively recent cancelled TV shows” that were axed too soon. It’s not a list of “the 7 MOST wrongfully cancelled TV shows.” If you’re reading through this and only taking away, “FIREFLY IS THE GREATEST; WHERE IS FIREFLY,” or a sentiment of that equivalent, then you’ve completely missed the scope of this article.

    That being said, I do disagree that a few of these shows were cancelled too soon. Hung, for starters, did have great character development and a great supporting cast, but it never really went anywhere. The show runners somehow managed to turn three seasons into only a scattered handful of minor events.

    Party Down was hilarious, but it had served its time. The show was never overly sentimental anyways, and it’s hard for such a detached, borderline episodic program to have real longevity. Adam Scott is better used on Parks and Rec anyways.

    Bored to Death was good, but not great – I was happy to watch it while it was on, but not terribly irked when it was cancelled. You kind of got the sense from the start that it was a finite universe anyways. When Danson, Galifianakis, and Schwartzman were on screen together, the show was at its best, but that’s a hard trio to unite from a scheduling standpoint. Didn’t much care for the Schwartzman incest storyline that the show ended on either.

  108. stamps79says:

    The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Better off Ted and Firefly should of been on that list as well.

    1. renamoretti1says:

      Agree with you on Better Off Ted (but we were the only two).

      Sarah Connor Chronicles was so awful it managed to lose most of its potential audience by the end of the pilot… Hiring Summer Glau said it all given her lack of any acting ability.

      1. guest9says:

        You’re crazy! Summer Glau’s character was awesome on that and she got it down perfectly. And the stuff they had planned for season3 was so incredible. It was criminal to leave it hanging like that and not let it at least finish off with a third season, even a 13 episoder if need have been.
        TTSCC was better than the recent Terminator movie, by far.

      2. renamoretti1says:

        “Summer Glau can’t act” is one of the truest truism I know. 😉

      3. guest9says:

        She plays a darn good robot, you have to at least concede that.

      4. renamoretti1says:

        Well… It is true I never bought her as a human being… 😉

  109. Bev Hautsays:

    “Profit” should have been here.

    1. Jim Profitsays:

      AMEN!!! One of the best ever!!!

      1. Bev Hautsays:

        Well, you WOULD say that, LOLOL!!! But OMG, I hope you really know about “Profit” or my belief in humanity will be shattered!

  110. littleblacksnakesays:


  111. Jerry Nightingalesays:

    Oh dear! What a poor selection of shows to morn the end of. Nearly as poor as the choices made by the executives who: a) cancelled these shows,
    b) continue to be allowed to makes these decisions, and c) are allowed to continue commissioning the day to day crap that passes as entertainment for the masses. Anything that needs at least half a brain cell to follow or understand, dies a death. (e.g. Firefly, SG1, Jake 2.0, Witchblade and all the other shows listed by contributors before me). Why, oh why, yet again is it lowest common denominator? We’ll make tv for the masses that nobody has to work at to understand, therefore there is little tv that requires understanding. Why not for a change make tv (and follow it through it’s changes, twists and turns to it’s true narrative end) that needs a brain cell or two. Perhaps by doing that the mass IQ of the viewing public might be raised to a level where exceptional tv is the norm not the exception. I live in hope but, like reading a tv guide, expect to find little change. Back to the DVD collection I fear.

    1. renamoretti1says:

      While I enjoyed Jake 2.0, I disagree with your idea that people don’t like good shows. Most of the shows with great audiences have great qualities even if they don’t appeal to all.

      The Original CSI was an incredibly well-shot, well-written and well-acted show (for the first 4 seasons). That’s why it was the last mega-hit show we’ve known.

      Come to think of it, there hasn’t been a single mega-hit this century and that’s where I agree with you: it’s the people picking the shows that are highly incompetent.

      When you pick New Girl, watch it fall in the ratings, renew it, watch it fall further, renew it, watch it fall to less than 3 million viewers and renew it again, there is something wrong with the way you think….

      1. dawnmomofreedsays:

        greys anatomy..

  112. Roy McDowellsays:

    Not a one of the shows listed was in the least interesting to me…

    1. renamoretti1says:

      You’re in the majority. All those flops were flops because they weren’t interesting to most people.

  113. sgakazsays:

    Emily Owens MD was a show I was enjoying and was sad to see canceled.

    1. renamoretti1says:

      This might have been the lowest-rated network show ever.

    2. dawnmomofreedsays:

      okay here is imo what happened to that stupid show, i wouldnt think it was stupid if all, and i mean all my search and win sites on the internet that have millions of people had to watch the entire first 1/2 hour show as a video , in order to collect on our sits, and it made you do this every day, when we all were used to 2-3 minute videos.. so everyone i knew was sick of the show a good 6 months before it ever came out..

  114. Cheerytoessays:

    I sent peanuts for Jericho…I loved Firefly…

    But a show I really liked not mentioned here and killed in it’s first season that had great characters – was the cop show The Unusuals. It had a great cast and I was very disappointed when they cancelled it…but maybe I was the only one.

    1. renamoretti1says:

      You put your finger on it. a show needs a sizeable audience to be a hit, or it needs political backing from the network since they can’t seem to find a hit to save their lives.

    2. dawnmomofreedsays:

      terriers was a fantastic show that got cancelled..

  115. HighlandShadowssays:

    Anybody else miss V?

    1. renamoretti1says:

      The 1980s one, perhaps. The new one, absolutely not.

      1. dawnmomofreedsays:

        no i dont miss the cheesy 1980’s one which they completed.. yes to the new v it was getting good but bigger was Jericho, and Heros where they said it was coming back and it just never did..wth?

      2. renamoretti1says:

        Don’t confuse the awesome mini-series with the show which while I liked it was far from as good and did have “cheesy” aspects.

        The mini is TV as good as it ever gets.

  116. Sammy Zsays:

    Agree that Firefly should be #1 on this list, circled and underlined twice but I felt that “Dead Like Me” was shuttered too early. So too were: Stargate Universe and Star Trek Enterprise. Both shows had just gotten into their grooves when the plug was pulled. And last but absolutely a travesty of cancellations: Futurama. Even after 7 seasons, each show was fresh and had much character development available to explore. Lets not forget that, The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad are still on the air but the superior Futurama has now been cancelled 3 times……WTF is up with that?!!!

    1. renamoretti1says:

      Firefly was a huge flop (like all things Joss Whedon), so was Enterprise (and a horrible show it was!!!)

      I do agree with you on Dead Like Me, loved it too, but let’s face it, it failed to find a significant audience.

      Family Guy and American Dad have been flops since day one. The Simpsons was a huge hit and still makes money in foreign sales and syndication so it would make no sense to cancel it when you keep the Seth Macfarlane flops around…

      Futurama was notoriously hated by FOX executives (makes you wonder why they greenlit it)m, but then again, they love flop-maker Seth Macfarlane and won’t do more shows with their biggest hit-maker Matt Groening.

      1. imjustmesays:

        Firefly didn’t really catch traction until years after it was canceled when it started getting around by word of mouth. I didn’t find out about it until a friend loaned me the DVD set and told me to watch it. Then the movie came out, which in my opinion was a huge success because it sort of gave us a little closure and well… Killed off one of the main characters so that we have no chance of there being a new season. But Enterprise wasn’t half bad ( it was star trek, what do you expect?), but how many seasons did it last? 4 seasons I believe.

        The only thing FOX Cares about is what keeps simple minded people laughing and coming back to watch their terrible shows: AKA Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show. But as long as the simple minded morons keep giggling at the same jokes over and over and tuning into their channel, they do not care.

        Terra Nova wasn’t actually half bad ( once you started to not care about the shitty SFX and some of the shit acting), plus they left it on a cliff hanger so I kinda was pissed about that.

      2. renamoretti1says:

        Interestingly, all those Seth MacFarlane shows (and I share your opinion of them) are all big, huge flops.

        Everything the man touches turns to ratings dust but for some reason, FOX acts like he’s the second coming of Norman Lear.

  117. Rebeccasays:

    What about Surface. It ended just when the creatures were invading talk about leaving you hanging

    1. Suilebhainsays:

      That was actually the best place to leave it. Where could they go from there?

  118. Neil Wilsonsays:

    None of these shows deserved to go on. I never heard half of them. And if they’re unknown they deserved to be canceled. But I would’ve liked to have seen Alcatraz been given a second season. They had some great writing on that show.

    1. renamoretti1says:

      Agree with you generally. All those shows were poorly made and flops.

      1. Suilebhainsays:

        So go back to watching Duck Dynasty, then.

      2. renamoretti1says:

        I’m sure you think this is an insult, but what on earth would make you think I watch that show?!!!

        But just for you, Enlightened was a terrible show with a really awful lead actress.

  119. Erin Schmellingsays:

    why did they have tv shows that were cancelled that long ago.maybe they should have made a longer list

  120. Kim Filiatrault-Bateausays:

    Um…how about Dresden Files?

    1. Suilebhainsays:

      As much as the producers messed with (and in some ways, ruined) the original material, it was still a good show.

  121. Kim Filiatrault-Bateausays:

    I’d like to know why Being Human is going to be among this list. I cannot believe with so many shit shows on TV that they’re getting rid of this awesome show!!

    1. renamoretti1says:

      How about it was a flop?!

      1. dawnmomofreedsays:

        it wasnt a flop, flops dont run that many seasons, and it was british hit first, so leave the guy alone

      2. renamoretti1says:

        30 years ago, you’d have been right, but sine the pioneering work of WBN with Buffy, flops are not often renewed to give a false impression of success to the press, particularly by networks like Siffy who are incapable of producing a hit show.

  122. CelticWomansays:

    Never heard of ANY of the above…but I live in the UK so that is probably why!?! But where is the next season of Hemlock Grove coming to Netflix? Firefly Carnivale, Dollshouse, The Unit and so on and so on…maybe there just isn’t enough freaks like me who watch the best progs eh? But we still have Game of Thrones (more like real life of those in power than we may realise) and the wonderful Grimm to keep us amused

    1. renamoretti1says:

      All those shows had low ratings for a reason… And it wasn’t quality…

      1. bfg666says:

        You’re right, Firefly and Dollhouse didn’t have low ratings because of low quality, for they were great.

      2. renamoretti1says:

        Have to disagree with that. Both those shows were highly promoted, yet people didn’t watch them. I can’t believe that it was because they were so great…

        Both also had the usual Joss Whedon issue of having bad actresses for leads.

      3. bfg666says:

        As I said before, ratings don’t equate quality. That you believe it or not won’t change that fact. You’ve already proven that you’re quite delusional.

        I’ve also stated previously that the interest of Joss Whedon’s works isn’t in the cast but in the dialogue and characters. And again, SMG is a good actress. As for his other actresses you’ve deemed bad, Summer Glau never had the opportunity to show her acting chops in a lead role and Elisa Dushku was good enough in Dollhouse and Buffy.

      4. renamoretti1says:

        There you go again name calling…

        And now you are also (intentionally?) doing thestraw man argument.

        I never said ratings = quality.

        Read again and this time pay attention.

        As for Summer Glau, her lack of acting ability destroyed three shows (apparently network people like that she’s limber and ignore her lack of other talents).

        All those supposedly great actresses make audience flee… Last I looked actors were performing to audiences.

      5. bfg666says:

        Name calling? When did I do that? All I’ve said is that you’re delusional. Even if it weren’t true, it wouldn’t be an insult. Also, I find it somewhat ironic that you dare to complain about non-existent name calling while you’ve repeatedly implied that people who disagree with you don’t use their brains. Ever heard of the speck and the log?

        Your words: “people didn’t watch them. I can’t believe that it was because they were so great.” Since you’re so smart and I’m so dumb, would you care to shine your light upon me and explain what meaning it could possibly have other than ratings=quality?

        So, an actress who only had secondary roles destroyed three shows all by herself? That’s rich! Please enlighten me on how you came to this most brilliant reasoning.

  123. Anonymoussays:

    Party Down is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever watched. Was extremely mad when it got cancelled.

    1. Suilebhainsays:

      Same here. They killed Party Down and Gravity both.

  124. brokenthoughtssays:

    Am I really the only one who remembers New Amsterdam…?

    1. renamoretti1says:

      I remember it. It was the other bad remake of Forever Knight. 😉

      The other one was Moonlight with the ever-awful Alex O’Laughlin.

      1. dawnmomofreedsays:

        yeah but MoonLight was way grear, and yes i saw Forever Knight, loved it , never saw NA and i think it was because i pissed that yet again they were gonna make something i loved then cancel it

      2. renamoretti1says:

        Glad to see someone who remembers Forever Knight fondly. It rose much higher that the demands of CBS should have allowed. 🙂

        I’m kind of baffled as to why people don’t enjoy shows while they last (you’re not the only one who says that). If I find a rare show I like these days, I enjoy it while it lasts.

    2. Suilebhainsays:

      I remember it. It was pretty cool.

  125. chclttrfflssays:

    Magic City….still pissed about it being cancelled.

  126. George Feenysays:


  127. avnrulzsays:

    Since I never watched any of these, I’m not going to miss them.

  128. TrollyMcFappersays:

    No Deadwood or Carnivale? Eat a d

    1. dawnmomofreedsays:

      Carnivale from HBO?? if so i agree

    2. Suilebhainsays:

      …or Rome…

  129. Blahsays:

    Supah ninjas should definitely be on this list, the show ended way too soon. In fact, it even canceled on the best part of the show. That tv show really needs a season 3 or a movie to end it better.

  130. Cthulhusays:

    Futurama. Always Futurama.

    1. Suilebhainsays:

      Interestingly, Futurama KEEPS getting canceled before its time, again and again. Bleh to Comedy Central.

  131. Robinsays:

    Jericho, Veronica Mars, Deadwood

  132. Sherrie Duncansays:

    And what about Medium? Medium could have gone longer than it did.

  133. What about Happy Endings? That show was the best! It was actually funny and had an awesome gay character.. but got the axe after three seasons… that show was the bomb!

    1. HappyEndingsLover123says:

      So much yes! I was a wreck when I heard about it being cancelled, I wish another network had picked it up for at least one more season, it had the potential to be the next ‘Friends’ and in my personal opinion, it was much better than friends.

  134. Brentsays:

    Arrested Development isn’t nearly as funny as people make it out to be. I think it had a cult following of a handful of fans, but largely alienated everyone else due to it’s odd humor and clumsy storylines and dialogue. One show I really miss that only made it one season was ABC’s FlashForward. That show had amazing potential and was a nail-biter from episode one. I was devastated when it was not renewed for a second season.

    1. I agree with Brent. I didn’t even bother with Arrested Development & I LOVED Flash Forward. I was shocked when they canceled it. I’m like WTF, that was a GREAT show.

      It’s very rare that TV shows can keep you guessing from one episode to the next (at least for me), although I must say some of the current shows are falling flat.

      “The Following” had a great first season & now I don’t even care if I watch it from one episode to the next. Not to mention all the bloody (no pun intended) knifing. Pretty soon instead of school shootings we will NOW see knifings. 🙁

      I am on the fence about “Justified”. This season was so so & yet I think the finale was pretty good.

      There’s others I can’t think of right now.

      1. dawnmomofreedsays:

        i think it takes a person with a different sense of humor to understand all the jokes in Arrested,it’s only crime was it was on FOX and like so many before and after great shows get cancelled..

  135. Dougsays:


  136. mikjossays:

    Terra Nova! Great actors, interesting plot, cancelled after one season and left us with a cliff hanger. Stupid move.

  137. GregTheTrollsays:

    And Angel. It had at least two more years of life in it.

  138. Brandon Robertssays:

    no warehouse 13! yeah it’s still on but it only get’s 3 more episodes in it’s fifth season and it’s only half a season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Suilebhainsays:

      Yeah, and Eureka still had some gas in the tank, as well. 🙁

      1. Brandon Robertssays:

        yeah i know. what is it with syfy and cancelling good shows

      2. renamoretti1says:

        Siffy hasn’t had a good show to cancel in years. Actually I can’t remember a good original on Siffy ever… Well, there was Season One of Eureka, but Siffy’s notes quickly killed it dead creatively.

      3. Brandon Robertssays:

        warehouse 13 was pretty good in my opinion but yeah syfys a complete joke

  139. Jim Profitsays:

    Really? Not “Profit”? How about Kindred: The Embraced, or Farscape? And while it had a good run – I do miss Fall Guy! 🙂

  140. The Doctorsays:

    *cough cough* pushing Daises

  141. Jennifersays:

    Now and Again. I’ve always wished we had gotten the second season. It was a great show. I was also disappointed when Firefly was canceled.

  142. SamanthaJsays:

    what about Pushing Daisies!? That show was awesome. This list needs an update ASAP!!

  143. cuervokatesays:

    Pushing Daisies should be on this list!

  144. Cindy Bricksays:

    And don’t forget The Philanthropist. Wonderful show…lost way too soon.

  145. Cindy Bricksays:

    I loved Jericho, too…

  146. dawnmomofreedsays:

    if you missed HBO’s HUNG, you absolutely missed out on a fantastic show, funny and witty, maybe thats why,every one says they’ve never heard of it., Political animals was another brilliant show,. makes me sad the crap that people watch today reality this and reality that, law and order this svu’s that.ughh.. that’s it, if its funny, sci fi or fOX has it its done!! Almost human was one the best shows this season and got the ax, as well as 79 other shows from ab,,cb,,fox,nbc, and the cw.Some shows we saw 2 episodes its like really to build an audience you give it 2 episodes?? Such a shame!!

  147. mynamedoesntmattersays:

    Where’s Hostages?

  148. Suilebhainsays:

    Rubicon is probably the best show no one watched. I was three kinds of pissed off when it was canceled just because The Walking Dead was doing well. WHAT???

    Kyle X/Y, The Others, Gravity (the companion show to Party Down), Trust Me (the cancellation of that show led me to no longer trust TNT), and now Enlisted and Almost Human (I am on the verge of totally boycotting Fox).

    1. renamoretti1says:

      The case of Trust Me was very interesting as it was one of those shows that the network actively sabotaged. It didn’t promote it and then started bad mouthing it in the press immediately after the premiere (shades of Women’s Murder Club).

      Clearly something happened between the producers and TNT. What is mind-boggling is that networks will actually sabotage a multi-million dollar investment just because…

      It does make it easier to understand how they also waste money renewing flops and now (the newest innovation in empty PR) order spinoffs to flops.

  149. Suilebhainsays:

    Oh, yeah, I forgot Threshold and Dark Skies, two amazing alien invasion shows.

    1. renamoretti1says:

      I have found memories of Dark Skies too.

      It was very flawed (the whole weaving of big events of the time never really worked) but Eric Close, and later Jeri Ryan, made the show for me.

  150. TBiscuitsays:

    Breakout Kings

  151. laustcawzsays:

    Hmm…TV shows that were cancelled too soon
    (covering the last several decades): “Joe Bash”, “The Flash”, “Just Say Julie”, “The Edge”, “Strange Luck”, “Muscle”, “Deadly Games”, “Nowhere Man”, “Battlebots”, “Beat The Geeks”, “The Job”, “Hype”, “Jake 2.0”, “Headcases”, “Animal Practice”, to name just a few.

  152. meryleeweismansays:

    Absolutely add me to the Firefly list. Regardless of timeline, ditching Firefly was just plain old DUMB! Let’s add “Almost Human” to the list. Funny, engaging, terrific acting, fascinating premise ADULT television. Naturally it only survived one season.

  153. Jacssays:

    What about Journeyman?? And Ringer?? And Secret Circle??
    And that’s naming but a few, I’m almost reluctant to get into a show now for fear of it being cancelled before it’s even really had a chance to get off the ground and usually with a crappy ending or more loose ends than a bag of shoelaces………this is made even stranger by the fact that nearly all of the ones I have mentioned, and many I’m sure that I have not, then go on to have forums of fans complaining about their early retirement and calling for them to be reinstated AND this is also made even more frustrating by the constant reruns of movies and shows we’ve all seen a million times over. Come on people, whoever is responsible for the production and airing of these shows needs to sort it out!!!

  154. Sombitsays:


  155. Zchollasays:


  156. Mabelsays:

    The Gates and Wolf Lake.

  157. sysfailure0x5asays:

    The 4400

  158. wydoksays:

    How the hell is Firefly not on this list?

  159. Larssays:


  160. Hanksays:


  161. Darlasays:

    How about Star Trek, only on 3 seasons, wonder what became of it?!!!!!! How many movies and other spin offs.

  162. Harrysays:

    I am mad as hell because of how what was once my favorite TV show REVOLUTION, was canceled way too soon!

    It was a very fascinating TV show about the world after a worldwide blackout of all electrical technology. But it was canceled too soon with an incomplete ending about the nanobites. Instead, I was hoping it continue for a at least a few more years, and have a happy conclusion with the power coming back on. But such was not to be.

    I absolutely condemn NBC for canceling too soon what used to be my favorite TV show!

  163. Brian Beardsays:

    Jericho? Defying Gravity? Life on Mars? Firefly? Star Trek Enterprise?

  164. Maxine Sheehansays:

    I see others agree with me, Firefly should have been top of your list. The best ever sci-fi bar none! I believe it was cancelled in order to keep a show that was dross. Who makes these stupid decisions?

  165. Therese Bohnsays:

    Suburgatory, Pushing Up Daisies. And the original Star Trek.

  166. Keyser Sozesays:

    Lol Hung sucked so bad. One of the worst shows on television. Every second that either one of his Shrekspawn children were onscreen was like murder to my eyes. Apparently whoever cast that show has no idea how genetics works.

  167. Steve Bodifordsays:

    I’ll sign off on Rubicon and raise you Eli Stone!

  168. Michael Watsonsays:

    where was studio 60 on the sunset strip, it was awesome, great cast some great lines and a brilliant set

    1. renamoretti1says:

      I agree with you on that one. I thought it was great.

      It mat have failed to attract a big enough audience because it was too “Inside the TV biz” and its topic was essentially about Saturday Night Live, a show most people safely ignore these days (something NBC doesn’t seem to understand as it keeps churning flop after flop from SNL alums like Tina Fey).

      NBC also sadly decided to spend all its PR efforts on the ill-fated Heroes, which in retrospect NBC still refuses to see as a mistake.

      Come to think of it Studio 60 is probably the last show I liked and watched regularly on NBC 🙂

      1. Michael Watsonsays:

        yea I think you’re right maybe it was getting too close for comfort for nbc

      2. renamoretti1says:

        Although they probably loved one of the heroes being the network head (probably why they bought it in the first place ;).

  169. Katie Weirsays:

    Pushing Daisies! Firefly! Surface! Alphas! Bring them all back!

  170. Horrible list of crappy shows or ones that already had more than one season! (Hung & Arr. Dev.) Forgot recent ones Golden Boy & Alcatraz!
    A better list would be “shows that somehow made it to a 2nd season but shouldn’t have.”

  171. Jason Huntersays:

    You do know that Laura Dern sucks even more than her father, Bruce, right? And for the Firefly fans below, Nathan Filian sucks more than anyone i can think of who has been cast in a lead role, not to mention that Whedon’s decision to have the future-speak resemble Confederate lingo from before the Civil War is not only bad symbolic sci-fi prognostication, it sounds stupid and is probably fundamental to the lack of interest from anyone other than the tuned-out phanbois (and grills) who feature in the self-indulgent documentary about how a handful of people with poor taste were able to harass an unsuspecting studio-class of money-lenders to fund the infinitely more polished movie Serenity. And by the way, men can never write for women in an authentic way, Whedon may have penned Buffy, but Buffy is fundamentally a masculine fantasy, and not an actual example of a strong feminine lead. It’s a start, but it’s not even close to a serious example of gender equality in contemporary times.

    1. renamoretti1says:

      I could not agree more on Laura Dern and Nathan Fillion. Dern is as pleasing watching as nails on a chalkboard and Fillion is just boring, flat and lacking in charisma.

      I do disagree that men can’t write women part as I also disagree with the corollary that women can’t write men parts.

      That said, I agree that a lot of bad writers write neither well, Joss Whedon being one of them.

  172. Jason Huntersays:

    And i’ve never even heard of 6 of the 7 shows… These must have been powerhouses of cultural avant gardism. i did see a picture of Old-Ass-Frankenstein… i mean, Sam from Cheers. Yeah, because that guy is amazing. Nothing like 7 seasons of Becker, an unbearable asshole. Ted Danson can be added to the continuum of preposterously terrible people (sometimes called actors because they are in front of a camera) who have become famous for being the same tired caricature of themselves for several decades running. The reason these shows got cancelled is because they deserved to be in order for the people who have talent that were trapped in them could move on to something actually worth watching…. with the exception of Arrested Development, which was cancelled because Ron Howard can’t be allowed to never fail. 😉 Onyong!

  173. The list needs an update: Firefly and Pushing Daisies should still be running. I might even add Wonderfalls to the list.

  174. wonkyjawsays:

    Firefly, Pushing Daisy’s, Dead Like Me, I mean come ON!

  175. invincible girlsays:


  176. FFNogoodniksays:

    Arrested Development actually should not be on the list. It was promoted all over the place and it had 3 seasons with a total of 53 episodes.

    1. renamoretti1says:

      Indeed. People are wont to forget how Arrested Development was highly promoted again and again and failed to gain traction in the ratings (perhaps it was just not very good in most people’s opinion…)

      Now it’s all good for them since they are safely away from the Nielsen ratings and Netflix delights in claiming that everything they make is brilliant and highly successful…

      1. bfg666says:

        “perhaps it was just not very good in most people’s opinion…” or perhaps it was way too clever for most people. Because let’s face it, most people are quite dumb to say the least and it was a great show, incredibly funny with a very clever yet outrageous sense of humor working on several levels.

      2. renamoretti1says:

        I just don’t buy the idea that a show can be so great people don’t like it. To me it’s just elitism.

        Show are made for people. If people don’t want to watch the show, it has failed on a very basic level and thus is not very good.

        Now, there is an argument to be made about shows that were never promoted all that much (say Wonderfalls on the same network around the same time) but Arrested Development was highly promoted. Awards were bought for it and the press learned that it was “cool” to say the show was great (in the same lemming-like response that worked so great for the differently awful Mad Men) and yet people still wouldn’t tune in.

        That’s because it wasn’t very good!

      3. bfg666says:

        If elitism is to strive for quality, then fine, I’m an elitist. So what? But you can’t deny that people tend to like garbage: Miley Cyrus, Michael Bay, “real” TV… you name it. It’s not because something has a large audience that it’s good and conversely, it’s not because something has a small audience that it’s bad. For example, Terry Gilliam is one of the most important (in terms of originality, personality and discourse) filmmakers of this day and age but he rarely attracts a large audience.

        As for Arrested Development, it indeed was a great satirical show, well written, well acted, cleverly cut and very funny on many levels from the most outrageous to the most subtle. Of course such an intelligent piece of art won’t attract the masses! It eludes them.

  177. johnsays:

    Deadwood and Reaper come to mind. Especially Deadwood.

  178. Beccy Hillsays:

    Carnivale was one if my favourite shows that was cancelled only after it’s second season. There are so many unanswered questions and the story was really interesting.

  179. Charliebrownsays:

    Why isn’t ‘Life’ on the list? Damian Lewis (who was sensational) and Sarah Shahi were a dynamite pairing and the storyline actually had some depth and humor unlike many others which seem to have been going forever (eg., NCIS – blaahhh). Two seasons is all we got – pathetic.

    1. renamoretti1says:

      Actually I think this was the last good show NBC has had.

      On CBS it probably would have been a hit as NBC never knew how to promote it and at this point it’s a network people don’t go to for quality dramas.

  180. Margo Burtonsays:

    Jericho, The Unit, Chuck & Moonlight should be on this list

  181. Mario Aguilarsays:

    Eastwick and 666 Park Avenue were cancelled too soon. I now avoid ABC cause they cancel everything.

  182. Mario Aguilarsays:

    “V” deserved a third season to at least give fans some closure.

  183. Leephussays:

    How’s this for a title “Internet Entertainment Sites That Constantly Get it Wrong”?
    As already pointed out, Firefly is a glaring omission, as was “Studio 60 on Sunset Strip”.

  184. obamahatersays:

    Where is Deadwood on this list?

  185. Raiderwolfsays:

    “it chronicled the lives of members of a Los Angeles catering company, most of whom were members as a temporary gig until they landed their hoped-for big breaks as actors, writers, or comedians.”

    The reason it didn’t do well probably is because most people don’t care about what happens in Los Angeles. Why should anyone care? And two, not only is it about Los Angeles, WHO CARES to watch a show by actors who’s characters ARE actors, writers, blah, blah blah…. WHO CARES! It’s just an another show about THEMSELVES, shallow, self-centered, myopic people who have an over inflated, overly grandiose view of themselves. It’s a show about me, myself, and I, that is what that show was about based on the quote from your article.

  186. Toyasays:

    I liked Party Down I don’t know why it only had 2 seasons I thought it was hilarious.

  187. Taylorsays:

    Terriers and Surviving Jack

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