7 Characters We Want To See In Marvel’s Daredevil Show


7) Mister Fear

Mister Fear

While researching a way to bring wax figurines to life, (yes, really), a scientist named Zoltan Drago accidentally discovered a chemical that could induce fear in others. Donning a kooky costume, the newly named Mister Fear proceeded to get his arse handed to him by Daredevil and was killed soon after.

Since then, however, numerous incarnations of Mister Fear have sprung up, some of whom have proved to be surprisingly dangerous. As far as super villains go, Mister Fear isn’t exactly the most iconic character to ever grace the pages of a Marvel comic book, but there’s certainly potential to use him on the Daredevil show.

In one particularly memorable storyline from the comics, Mister Fear removed the fear of death from everyone in Hell’s Kitchen, almost killing Daredevil’s wife in the process. An encounter of this magnitude could form the basis of a fantastic episode and would certainly help transform this C-list character into a respectable villain… just as long as the showrunners can successfully differentiate him from DC’s Scarecrow, who held a prominent role in Batman Begins only a decade ago.

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