7 Characters We Want To See In Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2


Season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow has come and gone, and with it departed a few of the core team members. Fan-favorite Captain Cold made one last heroic gesture to save his team, but in the process was apparently killed.

Not so fan-favorites Hawkgirl and Hawkman also took flight, wanting to learn more about who they were beyond their “destiny” and how they move forward with that information – and if any of what they learn makes them less boring characters, count me in. Because really, even worse then managing to strip almost all the charm from Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer, Legends of Tomorrow’s greatest sin was somehow managing to make Hawkgirl the least interesting character on the series.

Now, there’s plenty of room open on Captain Rip Hunter’s ship, and with season 2 still a few months away, we’ve decided to take a look at 7 characters from the DC Universe that would make great additions to the team. There were many we had to leave off, but the characters that ultimately made the list are ones that we feel would give the series the greatest shake up, or at least, deliver interesting group dynamics.

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