9 Comic Book Characters That Deserve Their Own TV Show


8) The Punisher


This may be one of the more obvious choices to ask for in terms of comic book characters getting a television show devoted to them. I know many fans have asked for a Punisher show, and with Frank Castle now going to be a major game-changer in Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil, why wouldn’t he get his own show?

The character has a very rich history that would allow for his story to be told in several 13 episodes increments. We’ve already had two Punisher films, and those weren’t exactly received too well. But a Punisher program in the hands of Marvel Studios, a studio who has so far proved they know what they’re doing with adapting comic books, would be amazing.

But of course, if you’re going to do a Punisher show you have to give him the spandex suit with the skull on it. If you can’t do that, you might as well not make the show.

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