9 Comic Book Characters That Deserve Their Own TV Show


Easily a character that is very under-appreciated, Moon Knight has the potential to be a fantastic TV show.

Moon Knight aka Marc Spector was quite the interesting guy. He went from being a heavy-weight boxer, to becoming a US Marine, then to serving as a CIA agent, and finally became a mercenary. On one of his missions in Selima he was badly injured and to try and save him, some of his companions brought him to a statue that was in a tomb. While there, he was seemingly resurrected and went on to wear a white cloak and serve as the vigilant superhero Moon Knight.

Now, tell me that whole situation wouldn’t make for a stellar first season on Netflix? It’d be pretty cool to not only expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but to also show that a lot of stuff happens in that universe with the more mythical side.

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