7 Marvel Shows That Netflix Should Make After Daredevil

7) Ghost Rider

ghost rider

Lord knows what the creative minds behind Ghost Rider were on when they first created the supernatural antihero back in 1972. The idea of a flaming skeleton biker who rides around dealing out vengeance doesn’t exactly scream popular, yet somehow, the character has not only endured, but actually thrived, spawning a number of exciting comics and two horrendously awful movies that are so bad that they come full circle and become amazing again… if you’re into overacting and nonsensical dialogue, that is.

The issue with a character like Ghost Rider is that he’s not an easy sell, so it’s difficult to encapsulate everything that makes him work in the space of one or even two feature films. Now that the rights have reverted back from Columbia Pictures to Marvel though, a Netflix show would be the perfect way to revitalize interest in Ghost Rider and rescue his reputation from the pits of Hell that he was initially dragged from.

TV budgets are far higher than they used to be, so the special effects that a show like this would demand are certainly attainable. The real issue here is casting and writing, but if done right, Ghost Rider could thrive on the Netflix format, enabling Marvel to explore the darker aspects of the character that were negated in a bid for Hollywood success.

That being said, the campaign to rehire Nicolas Cage for the role doesn’t start here. You’ll have to find your nearest Cage appreciation society/insane asylum for help with that one.

Good luck, though!