7 Marvel Shows That Netflix Should Make After Daredevil

6) Howard The Duck

We know what you’re thinking, but it’s hard to deny that Howard the Duck’s surprise cameo (seen above) in Guardians of the Galaxy was a pretty big deal. Well, for people who knew what the hell he was anyway. Whether you’re a fan or not though, there’s certainly potential for Howard to star in his own series, but only if the tone is handed perfectly.

This is the part where I should probably try my best to convince you of that….

Despite having no superpowers of his own, the talking duck has managed to survive on our human dominated planet for years by mastering the martial art known as Quack-Fu. He also possesses some pretty cool mystical talent.

Since his first appearance in 1973, Howard the Duck has never been a character to take seriously. Talking animals are typically associated with slapstick comedy or humour aimed at children, but Howard has always been portrayed in a more satirical light, poking fun at both genre fiction and society in general.

Those who remember Howard the Duck’s big screen debut from 1986 may be less keen than most on the idea of him receiving his own Netflix show, but with the right script, Howard could be just like Garfield. Except, you know, funny.