7 Reasons You May Think Girls Is Bad, And Why You’re Wrong

1) Lena Dunham is ugly.

Honestly, this is the one I hear the most. It’s the most prevalent criticism from meatheaded dudes who apparently think that all of entertainment should be designed to cater to their tiny penises. The sad thing is that most entertainment actually is designed for this, and so for their entire lives these bros have been spoiled as hell. So there’s two things people don’t like about Lena Dunham: one is that they find her unattractive, and the second, which compounds the first, is that she rather frequently gets naked on the show.

So firstly, refusing to give the show a chance because you’re not attracted to the lead female is the height of male-centric stupidity. It’s a benchmark that only serves to limit your palette. You’ll simply miss out on great TV and movies because of smallmindedness. Imagine if women or gay dudes just dismissed any show that has a male lead that is not Brad Pitt or Bradley Cooper. Louie would not exist. Kevin James would certainly have no career (not saying that would be a bad thing). Forget about Larry David and his way-too-hot-for-him wife on his show. But that’s neither here nor there.

Just because Dunham doesn’t fit your image of hot doesn’t mean she shouldn’t let herself be seen nude; in fact, it makes it more important, and effing brave, for her to do this. The point of sex and nudity in the show is not for it to be sexy or to arouse you, you perv. It’s to be a realistic depiction of, often, the awkwardness that accompanies actual, real life sex. There’s terrific observation and statements being made here, but you miss out if you’re just focusing on your disappointment with her tits. It’s also usually done for comedic effect, like lots of frontal male nudity is of late. I’m just saying, we’ve all seen Jason Segel’s dick, so Lena Dunham’s body should not shock anybody.

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