7 Superheroes Who Could Thrive On Television

1) The Question

Steve Ditko’s objectivist turned Buddhist conspiracy nut was a hit back in the 60s and has continued to remain popular through his appearances on such cartoons as Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. The Question began as a product of Charlton Comics, a division of Charlton Publications that focused on producing a number of unique characters for readers to digest. Unfortunately, poor business decisions resulted in the company having to sell off most of its heroes, including Question, to DC Comics.

Though he’s most recognized for being the inspiration for the character of Rorschach in Alan Moore’s seminal masterpiece Watchmen, Question has managed to establish his own niche among fans due to his cool costume, strong philosophical views, and dark hometown of Hub City.

Making the transition to live-action would be relatively easy, too, as not only do his stories deal with grounded events, but the urban crime genre that The Question inhabits in general remains consistently popular, as seen with the success of ArrowDaredevil, and the latest entry in Law & Order. A pilot could be produced on a lower budget, while the production team focuses on telling good stories using the faceless vigilante. And considering the fact that Hub City has already been mentioned several times in the Arrowverse (alongside executive producer Marc Guggenheim’s own enthusiasm), he could definitely be incorporated there quite easily.