7 TV Shows That DC Should Make After Supergirl


7) Deadman


Some heroes are less subtle with their names than others. Spider-Man, Batman… it’s pretty clear what these guys are about, and the same goes for Deadman, except the difference is that few have heard of him outside of the loyal DC fanbase.

Now this may come as a shock to the slower witted among you, but Deadman is in fact, a dead man, one who formerly worked as a circus trapeze artist before his untimely murder. Rather than simply haunt old forgotten mansions to… well just because… Deadman was instead granted the ability to possess any living being so that he could search for his assailant and seek retribution.

Deadman may not seem like an obvious choice to star in a solo TV series, but Drop Dead Diva starred a reincarnated supermodel, and even Desperate Housewives featured a narrator speaking from beyond the grave, so apparently, anything is good to go in the world of television.

Back in 2011, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke mentioned that he was working on a Deadman TV series, but this idea seems to have been put on the back burner as Supernatural continues to drag on with its umpteenth season. However, now that TV super heroes have found new success more recently, there’s a chance that a show like Deadman could become viable once again.

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