8 Aborted Story Arcs That Would Have Totally Changed TV Shows


Unlike movies (though they can change a lot, too), TV series are made in such a way that the unfolding story is constantly evolving and being reformed. Even at the start of the process, after the idea goes through the network and producers, a show rarely ends up being exactly as the creators originally conceived it. Other times, shows take unexpected avenues during their run as public reaction or actors’ performances influence the direction of certain story arcs.

Usually, these are fairly minor changes, but sometimes story arcs that would have completely changed the face of the show are altered due to various circumstances. Sometimes this is a good thing, other times… not so much. Here, then, are eight successful TV shows that could have been massively changed by story arcs that were ultimately abandoned. From Breaking Bad to Smallville, these series might have been very different had these arcs came to pass.