8 Game Of Thrones Characters Who Probably Won’t Survive Season 6

Game of Thrones Ramsay 2

With Season 6, Game of Thrones has become more unpredictable than ever before. The HBO series infamous for indiscriminately offing lead characters is entering its final stretch, meaning all bets are off and absolutely anybody can be killed this year.

In fact, Sunday night’s premiere already got the ball rolling, shocking us with the sudden demise of three heroes: Prince Doran, Areo Hotah and Trystane Martell. Expect many more citizens of Westeros to bite the dust in the forthcoming weeks, especially considering that it’s time the writers start axing superfluous characters and setting the end game in motion.


The stakes have only been raised by the fact that the show has surpassed George R.R. Martin’s book material. Until recently, anyone could easily discover their favorite character’s fate with a quick Google search, but we are now in uncharted territory, so this season’s trajectory is a mystery to us all. Might Cersei Lannister be killed? Will Jaime murder her? Is Alliser Thorne a goner? There is no longer any way of knowing for sure, and that’s part of the excitement.

Still, some predictions can be made based on trailers, interviews, and foreshadowing within the series itself. So on that note, here are 8 Game of Thrones protagonists who are most likely to die in Season 6.

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