8 More Heroes Who Should Show Up In DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow


With Arrow and The Flash introducing so many new characters, it was inevitable that a spinoff would eventually be launched. While it initially looked like The Atom (Brandon Routh) would be getting his own series, fans were shocked when DC’s Legends of Tomorrow was announced.

Assembling some of the best heroes and villains from both shows (as well as introducing a few new ones), Legends of Tomorrow will launch in early 2016 and pits the ragtag group against the immortal villain, Vandal Savage. Led by time traveller Rip Hunter, the “Legends of Tomorrow” are expected to travel through time and to alternate realities as they try to bring down this mysterious and dangerous foe (who will be introduced in the upcoming Arrow/The Flash crossover).


It’s really The Flash which opened the door to this series becoming a reality of course, as its first seasons did what many thought was impossible when it made a complicated time travel plot something that even non-comic book readers could fully embrace. With that show now fully running with the concept of alternate universes, it feels appropriate that Legends of Tomorrow is actually going to in some ways pick up where that left off.

Plenty of other heroes and villains are expected to be introduced over the course of the series – one very interesting recent addition is Connor Hawke – but who else should show up? Whether we’re talking about cameos, one off appearances, or new members of the Legends of Tomorrow team, these eight heroes all need to factor into The CW series in some way. Whether or not they’ll happen remains to be seen, of course, but it would be a massive disappointment if the show fails to bring this lot in.