8 Intriguing Theories About The Man In The Iron Mask’s Identity In The Flash

8) Wally West

Wally West

In the comic books, Wally West also has superspeed, and with Barry Allen poised to recreate the particle accelerator explosion which gave him his powers in the first place, that could very well be when Joe’s son gains his own remarkable abilities. Or not. What if it’s the Earth-2 Wally who is actually a speedster?

Killer Frost mentioned in the latest episode that Zoom only holds on to those he needs, and that could explain why he’s keeping him prisoner (due to him wanting to take that hero’s speed next).

Revealing Wally as the real hero of Earth-2 would be a fun twist which could leave the door open to the Earth-1 version embarking on a similar path a little further down the line. Ultimately though, this doesn’t feel like a big enough reveal, and The Flash is probably better off just focusing on the version we’ve been getting to know this season.