8 Intriguing TV Spinoffs That Never Happened


When television spinoffs go right, they can succeed with flying colours. Just ask Frasier or The Flash, both of which were spawned from perfectly popular series but then managed to outshine their parent shows in most viewers’ hearts (Cheers and Arrow, respectively).

Of course, for every success story there is a spinoff that utterly flops. The acclaim of The X-Files did not follow The Lone Gunmen when they went solo in their short-lived 2001 series, and David Hasselhoff left Baywatch to star in Baywatch Nights, a bizarre mess of a show that combined cop shows with crazy Scooby Doo-like supernatural mysteries. The list goes on.

But what about those spinoffs that never got the chance to prove their worth? Well, this is their story. Read on for eight television spinoff shows that sounded intriguing but unfortunately never happened. Sure, they might not have been that great, but we would have liked the chance to judge that for ourselves.