8 Questions We Have After The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

8) What’s Going To Happen To Maggie?


One of the characters who has had the hardest time of it on The Walking Dead is Maggie, what with her having lost every single member of her family over the past few seasons. Even before the events of the premiere, she was extremely ill and pregnant (which sounds nice but isn’t so much a point of celebration in a post-apocalyptic world). Now, however, she’s lost her husband, too.

With Glenn’s loss, she’s determined to make her way to Hilltop to see a doctor, on her own – thereby not putting anyone else in danger. Of course, the others say they will stand by her, and honour Glenn as one of their own family. Their support, then, should keep her going through this difficult time, but will her health pick up in the long run? And will she actually have her baby?

From a narrative point of view, it’s hard to imagine Maggie’s baby serving much of a purpose in the show. After all, we already have one infant that the group needs to protect in Judith. Do we really need another? On the other hand though, Maggie really needs some good news in her life, so she deserves to keep the baby. But is The Walking Dead kind enough to let her have at least that?