8 Questions We Have After Watching Daredevil Season 2


8) Will There Ever Be A Replacement For Ben Urich?


One of the biggest shocks of season one was the death of Ben Urich at Wilson Fisk’s hands. It was a great twist in of itself but it was also surprising given how significant the character is in the comics.

The character’s absence was consequently strongly felt in season two, as Karen paired with the New York Bulletin’s editor Ellison to investigate the conspiracy revolving around the Punisher. Even though Karen ended the series embarking on a new career as a journalist, we are still wondering if the Urich role will be filled by another character in the next season.

After all, surely Karen’s capacity to investigate the mysteries of Hell’s Kitchen will be compromised now that she knows one the biggest ones – the identity of Daredevil.

Speaking of which…

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