8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Doctor Who


It’s truly remarkable to see Doctor Who turn 50 years old, and as a longtime fan of the show, it makes me very, very happy. Of course, with five decades of history under its belt, we also get five decades worth of useless trivia that may only fascinate the most hardcore Who fans.

Now, a lot of this trivia is widely known thanks to the Internet. For example, most people know that Karen Gillan and Peter Capaldi were in the same Doctor Who episode before being cast as Amy Pond and The Twelfth Doctor, respectively. They also probably know David Tennant and Peter Capaldi grew up as fans of Doctor Who, with Capaldi even writing a letter to Radio Times as a teenager about how he loved the show.

Then there’s other bits of trivia like the fact that a different companion, named Penny, was planned before deciding to bring back Catherine Tate and make her the companion for Series 4. And at this point, most Doctor Who fans know of the strange timey-wimey connection between David Tennant, Georgia Moffett, and Peter Davison.

So, we’ve decided to dig a bit deeper and find the things that most of you are less likely to be aware of. For example, did you know about Hans Zimmer’s strange connection to the show, or how Matt Smith’s fate to become The Doctor might have been set 45 years ago?

Admittedly, these are completely useless pieces of info, and not knowing them does not make you any less of a Whovian. In fact, it probably makes me more geekier than I should be. That being said, everything here is still quite interesting and I hope you enjoy learning some random Doctor Who trivia today.