8 Really Dumb Things About The Arrowverse That We Can’t Ignore


Every year, we tell ourselves that we’ll quit watching Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. But no matter what promises and ultimatums we make, we end up soaking up the Arrowverse like sponges. It’s become shameless, really.

We could sit here and tell you how these shows have become better over time and that’s why we persist, but that would be a big, fat lie. In fact, there are some really dumb things about this universe, and we think it’s time to talk about it frankly.

Naturally, these shows have all been renewed for another season, so it proves there are people out there who disagree with us (or are suckers for punishment like we are). But as always, we encourage you to let us know your candid thoughts in the comments section. After all, this is a safe place, so feel free to rage about it if you so choose to.

Fair warning, though: Starting on the next page, we’ll be diving deep into the realm of dumb, so prepare yourself for the head-shaking nonsense.