6 Reasons Why The Punisher Needs His Own Series

Punisher 4

Last month, Netflix’s Daredevil returned with a mixed bag of a second season. Much of what made the first season great remained – the kinetic action, the stylized violence and comic book-noir visuals, the atmospheric real New York locations – but season two couldn’t quite reach those same heights. It lacked the focus of the first season, as Vincent D’Onofrio’s brilliant Wilson Fisk remained (largely) absent, Matt Murdock became swamped by supporting characters, and the show adopted a tone by-turns dour and soapy.


Still, there was one new major element that made season two worth the watch: Jon Bernthal’s Punisher, aka troubled ex-military man Frank Castle. This was an interpretation of the character so good that it seemed inevitable that news of The Punisher getting his own spinoff series would be just around the corner. And yet, despite calls from fans for Netflix and Marvel to get started, it seems there aren’t yet any concrete plans to make a Punisher show. That needs to be rectified soon, though, and here are 6 reasons why.