8 Superheroes That Should Have Their Own CW Show

The Question

Although Arrow‘s tried to get back to its roots this past season, it’ll never be the “grounded and gritty” show it was when it first premiered. It’s made great strides in striking a balance between street vigilantism and lightheartedness, don’t get us wrong, but it leaves audiences hungry for more mature content left unsatisfied. If The CW wants to truly have a show with a street level hero with darker undertones, they should look no further than The Question.

Known to civilians as Vic Sage, The Question spends his days as a mild-mannered investigative reporter, and his nights as the vigilante protector of Hub City. He doesn’t have any super powers or a knack for odd weapons like a bow and arrow, but he is a great martial artist and a solid detective. He can find connections where no one else can, and his best comic interpretations see him as a paranoid conspiracy theorist that doesn’t trust anyone.

He basically lives in his own noir film, and that sort of tone and style would be a nice shakeup to the Arrowverse. Of course, one of Sage’s biggest character traits is his constant quest for philosophical meaning, so his show could follow him as he explores low-level crimes and conspiracies while searching to understand the world around him.

While he’s been a hit with fans in the comics, can Vic Sage be an interesting live-action character as well? We hope that question’s answered sooner rather than later.