8 Superheroes That Should Have Their Own CW Show

Booster Gold

Booster Gold is a time-traveling superhero from the 25th century who uses high tech gear and a lovable robotic sidekick named Skeets to fight crime in our time. If that sentence doesn’t make you automatically excited to see a whole show devoted to him, then you clearly have no heart.

What makes him even better is that Booster Gold has a massive ego, but only traveled back to our time because he wasn’t good enough to standout in the future. Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, the Legends and Supergirl want to fight evil because they feel inherently compelled to do so, but following Booster Gold would show a character selfishly obsessed with getting famous.

More than that, though, a CW show devoted to the character learning how to become a true hero is the perfect sort of arc that the network’s missing right now. Plus, any good Booster Gold story also includes his best bud Blue Beetle, so it’s basically two for the price of one.