8 Things We Want To See In Westworld Season 2

8) Anthony Hopkins Returns

The final shock of season 1 was Robert Ford’s death at the hands of Dolores. In retrospect, we shouldn’t have been too surprised as the casting made it plain that the character wouldn’t last forever. Obviously, a big star like Sir Anthony Hopkins wouldn’t be tied down to a TV series for the long term. Hopefully, though, the actor will return in some form in the future. Perhaps on an recurring basis rather than a regular one, to keep from straining Hopkins’s schedule.

One obvious way for Ford to come back is through flashbacks. The first season spent a lot of time looking back at the park’s earlier years, so it would make a lot of sense for season 2 to spool forward and fill in the rest of the gaps. The few short scenes between the Man in Black and Ford in season 1 that we got were a delight, and it would be fascinating to explore their rivalry further.

Alternatively, it might be revealed that he made a host version of himself. He did say that, like Mozart and Beethoven, he hoped he would become immortal through his music i.e. the hosts. Perhaps he meant that more literally than we imagined. Either way, Hopkins was a welcome presence on the show and we hope we haven’t lost him for good.