8 Things We Want To See In Westworld Season 2

7) War In Westworld

As was made clear in the thrilling final moments of the finale, Ford’s death was not the end for the park but rather, a new beginning. For his final bow, Westworld’s creator decided to make his death the inciting incident of its final narrative – the hosts gaining sentience and waging war on their human oppressors.

As fun as it was to watch the hosts gradually wake up to their situation over the first season, it will be exciting to see things really kick off now that the retired hosts have been reactivated and are out for revenge. Focusing on a three-way conflict between the rogue hosts, the staff and the hosts still under their control could re-invigorate the show in an interesting way.

It will also be fun to see the series embracing the rampaging robot idea to a fuller extent, a trend kickstarted in cinema by the Gunslinger from 1973’s Westworld movie. If we had to pick a replacement for him, it would be Armistice – who proved herself a Terminator-like killing machine in the finale.