8 Things We Want To See In Westworld Season 2

6) The Man In Black Comes Back


One of the star players of Westworld season 1 has been the Man in Black, the archetypal dark cowboy brilliantly played by Ed Harris. With the reveal that he’s really an older William, you might think that his story is done. Thankfully, Harris has confirmed that he’ll be involved in at least some capacity next season. Let’s hope he’ll still be a regular, as the character has much to offer the show yet.

As the head of the Delos Corporation that owns the park, he’s the primary obstacle stopping Dolores and the other rogue hosts from being free. So though the mystique of the character may be lost, and his hold over Dolores has been broken, he can still pose a major threat.

It would also help show a new dimension to the character if we saw him out of the park and in a corporate context, something that was hinted at in the finale when he finally appeared in modern clothes (in a tuxedo at Ford’s gala). It would be fascinating to see if he still acts like the old William in the outside world.