8 More Villains We’d Love To See Appear On Arrow And The Flash


Hunter Zolomon

Arrow and The Flash both have tremendous leads and terrific supporting casts, but it’s perhaps what they’ve done with their villains which is most impressive. Whether we’re talking about season long threats like Deathstroke and Reverse-Flash, or those who just pop up week to week, many of them are actually so great that it’s become impossible to imagine any of the villains in the upcoming DC Comics movies topping them.

However, while both of these shows have introduced us to some fantastic bad guys over the past few years, there are still many from the comic books who have yet to either make their presence felt. Some would be the perfect choice to take centre stage in the next seasons of Arrow and The Flash, while others are better suited to just a one off appearance, but they would all bring something new and exciting to the table.


Here, you’ll find eight of our picks for villains who should show up on one of The CW’s series. Some you may be familiar with, while others are a little more obscure, but make no mistake about it, they’re all perfectly suited to the world that The CW has created.

Sure, these villains would all no doubt make the lives of the Scarlet Speedster and Emerald Archer even more difficult, but for viewers, it’d be a ton of fun to watch them cause chaos in both Central City and Star City.

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