9 Casting Choices For The Live-Action Teen Titans TV Series

With the news that the Teen Titans TV series, simply titled Titans, will be shooting in September, the production team must be in final talks with actors and agents over the roles. Naturally, we’re all excited and eagerly anticipating the news of who’ll be bringing these heroes (and villains) to life.

As always with this type of thing, we’ve debated who we’d like to see as the primary cast of the show and reached a consensus of sorts. Some of these names will be extremely familiar to you, while others might be a bit of a surprise (no, we didn’t pick Justin Bieber as Nightwing). Keep in mind, though, that we chose actors who’ll likely accept TV roles, so you won’t be seeing major A-list stars here.

If you agree or disagree with our choices, please do let us know in the comments section down below. We welcome and love to read all your opinions (even the trolls), so don’t be shy to share your thoughts with us.