9 TV Shows That Ended On Infuriating Cliffhangers

9) Agent Carter

Agent Carter fans are still raw from this one. After two critically-acclaimed seasons, Marvel’s period spy series was abruptly cancelled by ABC earlier this year. As with many of the shows on this list, it had apparently not garnered good enough ratings to warrant a third run.

Though the finale wrapped up the lingering plot threat of Peggy’s romance with Souza, it opened up a big whopper in the fate of Jack Thompson. Previously a rival of Peggy’s throughout the series, Thompson had a change of heart in the finale. Just as he had become a good guy, Jack was murdered by a mysterious assailant who stole the file on Peggy that he had previously acquired.

So, who killed him? Thanks to ABC, we shall never know…

8) Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman


With an emphasis on romance rather than heroics, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman was a big success in the mid-1990s. By its fourth season, however, many viewers had fled the show like the baby Kal-El did Krypton and it was eventually cancelled.

Unfortunately, this meant that the show ended up on a whopping cliffhanger. In the last moments of the finale, Clark and Lois find a baby wrapped in the House of El symbol left on their doorstep. What’s the significance behind this exactly? Well, the show’s bosses have since confirmed that the tot was intended to be another last son of Krypton.

This could well have been interesting to see play out but, due to the cancellation, we’ll never know how exactly the writers planned to factor the baby into things.