9 TV Shows That Ended On Infuriating Cliffhangers

7) Pushing Daisies


Back in 2007, Bryan Fuller’s Pushing Daisies became an immediate cult favourite. Like quirky French film Amelie mixed with a police procedural, it saw a pie chef named Ned solve murders using his handy ability to temporarily revive the dead. A kooky show that didn’t easily fit into any category, Pushing Daisies was not a mainstream hit and ABC didn’t really know what to do with it.

By the time its short second season came to an end, the ratings had dwindled to the extent that it wasn’t resurrected again. This left the show on a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, as Ned and his undead true love Chuck revealed that she was still alive to her aunts Lily and Vivian. It had the potential to completely change the show, but sadly turned out to be the end of it.